September 28, 2022


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Meghan Markle's Under Fire Podcast: You'd be nothing without Harry!  Critics attack Duchess Meghan

Meghan Markle’s Under Fire Podcast: You’d be nothing without Harry! Critics attack Duchess Meghan

Meghan Markle’s podcast has been ripped off by many critics. Accordingly, Meghan’s ego interview is “narcissistic gibberish”, the sole purpose of which is to drag the British royal family into the dust.

For a long time Meghan Markles announce audio notation to be awaited. The first episode of the ‘Originals’ podcast has now been released on Spotify. Meghan and good friend Serena Williams discuss sexism and equality. At the same time, she takes the opportunity to clear rumors about herself. The media had repeatedly claimed that Prince Harry’s wife was a “bitch”, “singer”, “grateful”, “scheming” and “rudely ambitious”. The Duchess of Sussex seems to have had enough of that. Unfiltered wants to tell its side of the story. This is especially true for the British the Royal family It does not go down well, it should be clear in advance.

Meghan Markle reveals fiery drama about Archie’s son in podcast

In fact, Meghan Markle actually shot the British royal family in Episode 1. Among other things, she reported a fire in Archie’s bedroom during her royal tour of South Africa. The 42-year-old reveals that despite the shock and concern for her son, she had to attend all official appointments at the time. She says leaving Archie alone was awful for her and Harry.

Duchess Meghan shares podcast prototypes against members of the British royal family

The fact that Meghan Markle is using her podcast to continue to publicly circulate against members of the British royal family does not seem to appeal to many of her listeners. The evaluation of the first episode of the podcast is negative in return. Accordingly, Meghan’s podcast is primarily made up of “clunky, sassy, ​​arrogant Californian platitudes,” as James Marriott of The Times criticizes.

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‘Podcast is pure narcissistic gossip’ critics tear up Meghan’s ego

Celia Walden said, “The podcast is a name-only interview with this inspirational sports personality. If the rest of the season plays like the premiere, we’ll actually hear Meghan do an interview with herself week in and week out.” The Telegraph “Not good hair on Meghan. The Times’ Hilary Rose was also disappointed: ‘Her podcast is pure narcissistic narcissism, and next week she’s having a conversation with Mariah Carey.'” Please shoot me now.” GB News’ Kinsey Schofield, on the other hand, sees the podcast as a settlement of bills, which should not only be directed against Meghan’s critics, but also against members of the royal family.

Without Prince Harry, Meghan would still be a celebrity

Mail Online’s Angela Levine wrote in her review of Meghan’s podcast: “She would still be a celebrity if she didn’t marry a prince. [Serena Williams und dem nächsten Podcast-Gast Mariah Carey]But they made it through and got through a difficult childhood while marrying a prince and spending a lot of money.”

Twitter users dismantle Duchess Meghan’s podcast

The Twitter community is also reacting paradoxically to Meghan’s first podcast version: “Blah Blah Blah word salad distracting hand gestures I do without…..”, mocking this user. “I’m the real? The narcissist who dragged both ends of her family and a fool’s family in the dirt? I’m the real one, who stole other people’s sayings. Who was so careless with the truth? If she was real she would have the nickname shunned – she was never royal, just a show,” shouted another commentator.

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This list will likely go on forever. It will be interesting to see what Meghan Markle will reveal in the next episode. But one thing should already be clear: it will be a blast! We are already looking forward to the next scandal. On the other hand, the British royal family is likely to be very nervous about the upcoming releases.

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