December 7, 2023


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Maximilian Buhk takes DTM’s first space engine platform in the Norisring final

( – In trials and tribulations From the controversial DTM final at Norisring in Nuremberg It collapsed, but Maximilian Buhk made history with his third place at Mücke-Mercedes: in Monaco, Franconia, he took first place on the podium for Schaeffler-Paravan space engine technology in Germany’s best racing series!

Maximilian Buhk had a trophy with him at Norisring in third place


“I feel good because the team has of course put a lot of work into it, just as Schaeffler-Paravan has put a lot of work into further development of the direction over the whole year, which is now finally paying off,” Boehk said happily after the interview.

Boehk continues: “We improved a lot during the season and in the end, when I crossed the streak, I got the information: ‘We finished third.’ That was nice and amazing at the same time.”

Only Maxi Buhk leads the entire DTM season with a space engine

Mücke-Mercedes and Maximilian Buhk were the only ones to use the steering technology, which operates without a conventional steering column, for the entire season. Originally, the system was also installed in Timo Glock’s Rowe BMW and Sophia Flörsch’s Abt Audi.

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For both, though, it was decided from Spielberg’s weekend to end the season with a classic steering column. When asked about it by “” in a pre-event press conference in Assen, Flörsch justified the move as follows.

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“We collected quite a bit of data in the first weekends of the race. We all sat in the middle of the season and that was enough for them to improve the system. Especially now at the end of the season, things are very tight and there are real improvements to be made, the program doesn’t have time. So they told me. I’ll get a “normal” directive.

With Mücke and Buhk, however, Schaeffler-Paravan persisted throughout the year and was able to reap the rewards of hard work for the first time at Norisring. Buhk praises: “We learned a lot with steering and I have a direct comparison with conventional steering and space engine steering. I just sit and don’t have to think about it. It feels very similar.”

Nourising the best weekend getaway for Pohk and Mock

This progress was also reflected in the final weekend of the Displacement Tracking Matrix at Norisring. He finished Saturday’s race in ninth place. On Sunday he was sixth and was on the verge of equalizing his best result of the season so far. But then caught Mercedes-AMG manufacturer tactics, to make Maximilian Götz a master.

Bohke was lurking at this point and was there when Liam Lawson’s Ferrari teammate Nick Cassidy lost in the final minutes in duels with Philip Ellis and Daniel Juncadilla for third place due to a five-second penalty.

The bottom line is Buhk delivered his best performance of the year at Norisring. The Mücke-Mercedes driver collected 17 points out of 28 in the final. Prior to that, the eight points in the season opener at Monza were his best result.

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Mücke-Mercedes has already planned with Gary Paffett

It shouldn’t all come about, because he was actually an ordinary Mücke-Mercedes driver Two-time DTM Champion Gary Buffett intended. But due to his Formula E commitments, the Briton had already missed his first two weekends at Monza and Lusatia. Alternative: maxi bohk.

Also in Zolder, Buhk sat at Paffett’s Mücke-Mercedes by In a few days It has become official that the German is leading the season for the Berlin team until its end. Only in Hockenheim did Boehck start. At the time he still had good chances to win the title at ADAC GT Masters, who was racing at Sachsenring at the same time. Replace it with Marvin Denst in Hockenheimring.

Schaeffler Paravan – Space Drive at DTM Norisring 2021

After the first year of revolutionary technology at DTM, Roland Arnold, CEO of Schaeffler Paravan Technologie GmbH & Co., summed up. KG, commanded with relief: “I would have never thought we might actually be on the podium in year one. We’re here as Scheffler-Paravan, as pioneers in the development of an entirely new steering system. We were the first to compete in the DTM without a mechanical connection – without a steering column.”

Steer-by-Wire Space-Drive technology was developed by Schaeffler-Paravan. dispenses with the classic steering column; Instead, a cable connects the steering wheel and the steering gear. The system is also a core technology for autonomous driving. The revolutionary technology in the DTM was first used in the 2021 season.