May 26, 2022


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Max Verstappen angry at Drive to Survive portrayal: ‘I don’t like it’ | F1

Netflix’s new Drive to Survive series is on its way, and F1 fans around the world are eagerly awaiting a behind-the-scenes look for the 2021 season. Paul Martin, one of the series’ executive producers, told Insider that the series has changed F1 into a “TV series.” This week, he added, “When we finished Season 1, I don’t think we had any expectations.” We were hoping that people would love it and see it as a new way of looking at this world.

“We were definitely not trying to appeal to any particular audience or demographic. But you know, we just found, especially in the United States, that people are just talking about it and the audience is there.”

One man particularly missing from the latest series is new world champion Max Verstappen.

One reason for this may be the Dutchman’s review of the series in October.

Verstappen suggested the show gave a wrong impression on the drivers, adding that he’d prefer to speak to one-on-one to give his point of view.

He said, “I understand this has to be done to increase popularity in America, but as a rider, I don’t like being a part of it.

“The problem is that they will always put you down the way they want to, so they will try to make you look tough no matter what you say, or whatever the story of the show is.

“Well, I never liked her. I just prefer a one-on-one conversation with someone who wants to get to know me.

“They put you in what fits in the loop, and for me that never works.

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“They are interviewed using words in different circumstances, so it never really suits them, but it fits the show. I don’t think that’s my reality.

Verstappen believes a “fake rivalry” arose between him and then-Red Bull teammate Daniel Ricciardo, culminating in the Australian’s move to Renault in 2019.

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“They faked some rivalries that don’t really exist,” he added.

“So I decided not to be there and not do more interviews after that because you can’t show anything after that.

“I’m not really a drama show person, I just want the real facts and things to happen.”

Verstappen isn’t the only one criticizing the series.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said this week that he doesn’t like the series because of the “narrative” it creates.

The Austrian said he was surprised by the freedom given to directors of documentaries focusing on sports, describing it as “scary”.

Wolf added: “It’s scary that we’re letting them in. They hate seeing themselves there.”

“They twisted the narrative — they pieced together scenes that didn’t happen.

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“I think you as an insider would say, ‘Okay, that’s different than it used to be.’ But we make entertainment, and that’s a new dimension of entertainment.

In October, McLaren’s Lando Norris said he had agreed to be filmed for the show.

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He said, “I think that’s fine with me. You can choose many things that are almost suitable and not suitable.”

“I’m happy, I think it’s a good thing. Especially when you come to America, there are a lot of people in Formula 1 now just because they watch Drive to Survive.

“I think I got really good at it! I hope I’m not upset or silly or whatever. I think they’re doing a good job.

“I watch it now and then. I don’t really watch the whole thing, not even an episode. But it’s okay on my part, I can’t really speak for Max.”