August 7, 2022


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Margot Pinot, eliminated at the Tokyo Olympics: ‘It’s tough but it’s the game’

“How did you feel before the fight?
I was very good at warming up and moving around. Maybe it didn’t show it from the outside, but I had a conquering spirit. you went. (Elisavet Teltsido) has a profile that I don’t like at all, I’ve already lost it twice. I worked hard every day. This is not enough. It’s tough but it’s the game, I’m very disappointed.

Soon the penalties fell on you, did you not expect them?
No, and the second, I did not understand it. She kicked me, apparently I gave her one… I don’t know. I played tactics, and it’s the right thing to do against me. She impressed from the start, that’s how she actually won. I had the cards in my hand, what it took to hit it. Maybe I wasn’t aggressive enough on my hands.

“It’s obnoxious, because there’s a lot of work behind us.”

However, the rally against these aggressive girls in recent months has found…
The idea was to make a fake backhand and hold on to the sleeve, because I knew it would harden me. That’s what I did. After that, she went to her right hand. I will have to review this. Arabi (Ben Boudaoud) He didn’t talk to me much, I was in feelings. This is bad, because there is a lot of work behind it, but it is for everyone the same. “

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