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Manta Manta 2: Story and Review

Manta Manta 2: Story and Review

Manta Manta 2 will be released in German cinemas on March 30th. We know exactly what the sequel is about and what the cast and movie vehicles are in the beginning.

“Why do manta rays rust doors first? Because sweaty armpits!” Manta jokes like this and more can be heard in cinemas again from March 30, 2023 – in Manta Manta 2. Yes, you read that right. The cult movie from 1991 will continue, so the iconic Manta could drift across the screen again after more than 30 years. And it will be colorful, light and light to arrange again. The heroes are, of course, Bertie (Til Schweiger), O’Shea (Tina Rowland) and Klausie (Michael Kessler). But this time, Schweiger is not only in front of the camera, but also behind it as a director. Manta Manta – Part 2 was created within 40 days of filming, with several well-known guest roles.

On the acting side, there are, for example, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Axel Stein, Lukas Podolski, Evelyn Burdecki or PS Professional Jean Pierre (JP) Kraemer. On the car side are the original Opel Manta from the first movie, a VW Golf 2, a Mercedes 190, a BMW 3-series E36, an Opel Calibra, a Mercedes-AMG C 63 and also JP’s pink Audi RS 6. The landscapes include back Others are many places in the Ruhr area, in Dortmund, in Wuppertal, but also in Rheinauhafen in Cologne. However, Manta Manta 2’s events location is almost the only familiar one. Because in 30 years, not only cars, fashion and technology have evolved, but also the life of the protagonist Bertie. Also interesting: Our product tips on Amazon

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“Manta, Manta 2”

This shows trailer #2

The second trailer for “Manta, Manta 2” in the video:

First scene of Manta Manta 2

Things aren’t as rosy and cheery for Bertie in Manta Manta 2 as they were in the early 1990s. The times of tuning, street racing, foxtails, leather boots and baggy pants are over, and the local chip and asphalt shop is no longer the center of his life. Cars that were still fresh in the 1990s have become old cars, as Bertie and his entourage show the ravages of time. He notes some of the wear and tear of working-class life.

Instead of speeding down the street in a stunned manta, in the first scene of the new movie, Bertie pedals across the asphalt on a rickety bike – the failed racing driver had to give up his driver’s license, as did his beloved manta. With his car repair shop and associated go-kart track, he’s now just trying to make ends meet financially. But he fails to repay the loan. In addition, Oshi’s ex-wife asks him to take care of their children. But this is harder than expected, because his rebellious son Daniel (Tim Oliver Schultz) and daughter Mookie (Luna Schweiger) only pick up jerks. The chaos in Manta Manta 2 is in full swing.

classic cars

"Manta manta": In the movie car to the shooting locations

Manta Manta: In the movie car to the shooting locations

Wow, hello manta!

The original movie car in Manta Manta 2

In order to avoid a foreclosure sale, Bertie comes up with a great idea: he wants to take part in an upcoming classic car race at Bilster Berg. But first he needs his driver’s license, a fast car, and he also wants to win Oishi’s heart back. The journey begins. The bureaucratic, physical and emotional demands are high. And to bring Calibra back into shape, some means that aren’t entirely legal are required. But when his son Daniel crashes the car in an illegal gravel pit race, Bertie is left with nothing again. The dream seems shattered. But then, in the seemingly hopeless grief of the dilapidated workshop, Oshii rolls a perfectly preserved brightly colored manta into the hall. Its 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with a sharp camshaft and 135 hp (99 kW) is also race-ready.


Opel Manta E (2026)

Opel Manta E (2026): electric, PS & GSe

So in the year 2026, Electro Manta comes along

Manta manta 2 review

As in the first part, there is a race to the end of Manta Manta 2. Between good and evil, little man against poser, Manta against Mercedes 190. Who wins is clear with Schweiger’s typical movie story of Hollywood’s happy ending. But How Bertie Wins is definitely worth watching at the movies. And not just for Manta Manta fans, but also for those who love Til Schweiger movies. Because it definitely has Schweiger’s stamp: with emotional to flat scenes, but also atmospheric moments, Schweiger’s comedy and thoroughly punched situation comedy. Especially the outlandish scenes with Klausie or the vulgar jokes about manta drivers give the film heart. This results in an entertaining and successful combination that meets all definitions of an entertaining movie. In times of electric cars and fast-paced life, it was deliberately outdated and therefore fun again, with a touch of nostalgia.

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