December 2, 2023


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Magna Breakthrough Lighting: Tailgate with Transmitted Light Technology

Magna Breakthrough Lighting: Tailgate with Transmitted Light Technology

The light you only see when you turn it on: Magna relies on transparent thermoplastic components for this.

The topic of lighting is becoming more and more relevant in modern cars, as well as from a design point of view. Developments in this field are correspondingly innovative. Auto supplier Magna has now introduced its advanced lighting technology, which is set to debut in its first production cars from 2023.

Ingredients shine through

Hacking here has to be understood in two senses. On the one hand, the developers see the system as a breakthrough in lighting technology, and on the other hand, the technology is actually based on penetrating an existing surface. The breakthrough lighting technology will be displayed in the tailgate made entirely of thermoplastics. All LED lighting technology is invisibly located inside the housing. The cover itself has a coating that allows the light signals of the LEDs to shine through – all colors are possible. When the lights are off, nothing can be seen from the light itself.

Currently, logos or accent lights are used only under painted surfaces. Functional lights such as indicators, tail lights or brake lights are currently still under the polycarbonate sheet which is too shaded to see any technology here either. The completely seamless integration of lighting technology into the component allows designers significantly more design options. Plus, the cover’s translucent surface offers nearly endless possibilities for playing with light. Whether it is to communicate with the environment or to send other signals to the world.

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Body elements made of plastic are easier to recycle than components made of a mixture of sheet metal.

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Magna introduced a new lighting technology based on transparent plastic components. This would give designers more freedom in design and make the cars look cleaner.