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Magic: Legends Open Beta is now available worldwide on PC

Magic: Legends Open Beta Now Announces Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios Arc Games And this Epic Sports Shop Available. For the first time, players around the world will be able to enjoy free ARPG at Magic: The Catering Multiverse. Open beta players will take on the role of a powerful pilot and travel to five different regions, while more than 175 characters and 170 strategic equipment will be inspired by the original strategy game. Magic: Legends will be released later this year on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Players who download Magic: Legends from Arc Games get the Cavan Guardian costume, the Bat look for Okray Mortar and two robbery and mission boosts for their characters. Epic Sports Store users can request a free Moorland Ranger costume, Moorland Ranger Creature look and two booty incentives at CET on April 6 at 6:00 p.m.

“Cryptic has proven its ability to bring back celebrity rights such as Magic: The Catering, which will delight loyal fans and welcome new players to Magic Multiverses,” said Yoon Im, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment. “Magic: The Catering is the first cryptic based ARPG to create something very special with Magic: Legends. We look forward to the feedback and feedback from players on this open beta. “

“This is truly a historic moment for the Cryptic Studios team,” said Stephen Ricosa, managing producer of Cryptic Studios. “Magic: Myths have come a long way since we introduced our idea to Guides in 2016. The team has developed an unparalleled ARPG experience over the past few years, combining the imagination of Planewalkers with fast combat and strategic deck building. Today we are pleased to announce that for the first time players will be able to enter Multiverses. “

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Magic: Legends Magic: Allows collecting fans to explore multiples as before. After selecting one of the five Planeswalker starter classes, players will travel to different parts of the popular card game, including Innistrad, Dasim, Penalia and many more. As players explore these worlds, players will collect artifacts, equipment and characters that can be combined into a powerful base of random attacks. The following is a complete list of the game:

  • A new “magic” story – the ancient powers lurk in the dark and defeat them, the warriors must be strong. Magic: The legend features notable characters from the famous owner and various stories that end in a confrontation with a powerful adversary from Multiverse.
  • Become a Planeswalker – Magic: Allows Legends players to use Mana’s power and switch between five different starter classes – more classes available later.
  • Going your own way – To save multiverses, planes may have to travel to different worlds, but the choice is theirs.
  • Control Confusion – Players must make quick and tactical decisions on the battlefield and build a strategic base using spells drawn randomly from the battlefield. White, blue, black, red or green mind – your actions affect the course of the war.
  • Upgrade Your Own Gallery – Magic: Legends offers countless characters and magic pages that are even more powerful. Players will collect equipment and artifacts that work with their sites to create the desired style of play.
  • Fight Together – Worlds in Magic: Legends can travel alone or with two other plane walkers. Players can create personal profiles to support their team members or to compete in 1v1 PVP Duels.
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Magic: Legends Open Beta has five unique Plainwalker starter classes and additional classes that will be available later:

  • The power of the earth uses the power of the earth to destroy its enemies in close battle with destructive stone and volcanic attacks. With his stone armor, he is able to withstand the attacks of other planes. Geologists like to summon Goblin, Cow and Earth elements.
  • Mind mage cold wit personality. He relies on the power of thought and fights his enemies from a safe distance. He controls projectiles with telekinesis and keeps dangerous enemies with sleeping spells or brings them to his side.
  • The zoo covers the primary forces and the forest. He defeats the enemy gangs with devastating attacks from a large spirit ax, while his ether fox and other so-called beasts attack his enemies.
  • The consecrated priest is the equivalent of punishing his enemies with a flash of light and healing the wounds of fallen comrades. This class invites angels, castles and those dedicated to defense when they are attacked by the light of the enemy’s justice.
  • The necromancer performs deadly rituals to destroy his enemies and raise crowds of undead. This class uses its unique connection with death to steal life from others and to weaken enemies with terrible curses.

In addition, players will explore five different areas in the four worlds taken straight from Magic: Collecting Card Packages:

  • Shiv – a volcanic island in Dominia – is inhabited by the Kittu tribe, giants, okras and dragons.
  • Penalia – A church town in Dominia, where the rolling plains meet dark swamps. The people of Penalia are at war with the Kabbalist fanatics and their demons.
  • Thaseem – The wild continent in Gentiger offers the mysterious polyhedra, massive forests and vast rivers – inhabited by merboks, elves and wildlife.
  • Dolaria – a tropical academy in Dominoria – is full of enthusiastic witches, homered beasts and artifacts.
  • Cowan – a province in Innistrat, where settlers and civilians are constantly attacked by wolves and the undead.
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Players will use the power of their spark to create their meditation zone – a mysterious object that can change and serve countless secrets to an unknown master.

Magic: Legends is a free to play online ARPG based on the popular business card game from the Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Catering. Ancient powers are lurking in the dark, so warriors must take on the role of aviation wizards, powerful wizards who can travel between worlds. As players explore different worlds, they will collect misspellings and create a strategic platform to control battlefield chaos and save multiverses from even greater danger. Magic: Created by Legends Cryptic Studios, released by Perfect World Entertainment and released in 2021 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. More details can be found here PlayMagicLegends.com.

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