February 23, 2024


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Magazine worth reading SWR2 - SWR2

Magazine worth reading SWR2 – SWR2

With new books written by Anne Petri, Arno Kamenich, HC Artmann and Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

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In her novel “Country Place,” Anne Petrie shines in the dark corners of the white community. The African American author wrote the story of this small town in 1947, and it is now available in German for the first time.

Fans of Carlos Ruiz Zafon will recognize some of the characters from the novels in his flabby stories – and of course, the alleys of Barcelona.

In his most special book, Arno Kamensch tells of a “shadow over the village”; Unfortunately, it is not the best novel by the Swiss author.

We’re also talking about Oetinger-Verlag, who brought Pippi Longstocking to Germany and will turn 75 this year, and we’re celebrating the 100th birthday of poet HC Artmann with a new audiobook.

Ann Petri – Country Place
From the movie American by Pieke Biermann
Nagel & Kimche Verlag, 304 pages, €24
ISBN: 978-3312012237
A conversation with Christoph Schroeder

Carlos Ruiz Zafon – Cemetery of Forgotten Books
Translated from Spanish by Lisa Gronizen and Peter Scheuer
S. Fischer Verlag, 224 pages, €20
ISBN: 978-3-10-397093-7
Julia Schroeder review

Audio book for the 100th birthday
HC Artmann – To switch a verse with a kiss
Read by Erwin Steinhauer with music by George Graf, Joe Pinkle and Peter Rosmaneth
Mandelbaum Verlag, 32 pages, €25
Audio book with 1 CD
ISBN: 978385476-950-7
Leonie Burger review

Arno Kamenich – Shadow over the village
Engler Verlag, 104 pages, 19 euros
ISBN: 978-3906050805
Isabella Arcucci Review

75 Years of Oetinger’s Books for Children and Young People
Interview with publisher Julia Bielenberg from Oetinger-Verlag

Katie Melua – Album No. 8
Category: Bmg Rights Management (Warner)

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