August 4, 2021


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Madhav Sheth talks about the upcoming Narco 30 phones

Madhav Sheth talks about the upcoming Narco 30 phones

RealMe has released episode 27 of its AskMadhav Q&A series where the CEO of India and Europe answers questions from the community. This week there were a lot of questions for fans about the X7 Pro and Max, as well as questions about plans for future product releases.

Oh June 24 event That would be a big one Will bring Oh Narco 30 That’s it Narso 30 5G They are not on the Realme schedule in India. The CEO says that the Narco line now has more than 5 million users in India. The event will also bring an updated version of the 32 ”smart TV.

Oh Realme was GT Published In Europe Going to India this week as well – Madhav has promised to come before Deepavali (which starts on November 4th). Although the company has recently focused on devices under Rs 30,000, it will feature sophisticated devices starting in the GT in the second half of this year.

Fans also had more questions about the company’s pricing strategy – why RealMe X7 Pro , 1000+ dimensional phone, costs more than this RealMe X7 Max With 1200 dimension? The CEO says the chipset is not everything and points to the Pro’s quick loading (65W vs. 50W) and camera hardware differences.

Speaking of the X7 Max, a new colorway called “Milky Way” will be unveiled at the June 24 event and will be available from 12 noon. As for the X7 Pro, it will soon get Realm UI 2.0 based on Android 11. Madhav was asked how the work of Android 12 is progressing and more information will be announced soon, he said.

Realme is its job The first laptop and the first tablet , Plans to launch them in India by the end of this year. Interestingly enough, Madhav said that “laptops,” are plural, so there can be many sizes, otherwise there can be many models.

When asked if Narco would branch out as an independent brand, the CEO said no – there is a particular focus on the Narso product line, with young users who value performance, and now it is under Realm’s umbrella.

Madhav also asked other brands to adopt the “GT” name for their smartphones, and there are no hard feelings – Realme wants to focus on innovation and quality. It should be emphasized that the person who introduced a phone with the name “GT” was not real, however, in fact, the first Snapdragon 855 phone sido o Lenovo Z5 Pro GT .

Watch the video for more details (you can use timestamps to go to specific questions).