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Madden 24: All the exciting new features in EA’s soccer simulator!

Madden 24: All the exciting new features in EA’s soccer simulator!

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  • New premium FieldSENSE technology
  • Improved gameplay mechanics with Hit Everything 2.0 and Skill-Based Passing 2.0
  • Superstar mode returns in two variants

The latest update for the popular American football video game Madden 24 arrives on August 18th and comes with many new and exciting features. One of those innovations that fans are excited about is New FieldSENSE technology It promises a more realistic gaming experience and greater control over all aspects of the game. The innovations also include the already introduced features Hit Everything 2.0 and Skill-Based Passing 2.0, which raise the gameplay to a new level. And this as well Superstar mode It returns in Madden 24 in two different flavors: Superstar The League and Superstar Showdown.

FieldSENSE: A dazzling technological revolution

the FieldSENSE technology It offers unprecedented improvement in game mechanics and shines in terms of realism and control. One of the major updates to this technology is Hit Everything 2.0. This feature allows players more control over defense while allowing for a greater range of tackles in the game.

Besides Hit Everything, FieldSENSE technology also provides an important advance in passing. Skill-Based Scrolling 2.0 It provides players with expanded AI caching options, new throwing animations, and improved defensive behavior. (source) This makes the gaming experience more realistic and provides a more intense feeling of control on the field.

Superstar Mode returns – in two different forms

Madden 24 fans can also catch up on The Return of Most Wanted Superstar mode We look forward to returning in two different formats: super star league And Superstar Showdown.

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In the super star leaguemode, players can customize their characters and compete offline against AI opponents to build their own legacy. In the Superstar ShowdownThe mode, which is offered online, players can compete against friends in exciting 3v3 matches. These two genres offer a unique experience for both single players and those who like to compete with like-minded people.


Madden 24 promises a wealth of cool new features that will take your gaming experience to a new level. With unique FieldSENSE technology and new features Hit Everything 2.0 and Skill-Based Passing 2.0, the game is more realistic and addictive than ever before. The return of Superstar mode in two different flavors is sure to add some excitement for fans. Enjoy the most immersive American football video game!

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