September 23, 2021


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Lost on random erscheint 10. September • Nintendo Connect

Lost on random erscheint 10. September • Nintendo Connect

The Random Kingdom ruled by an evil queen is divided into six mysterious regions, where all life is determined by the cursed black cube. In the role of Eve, the players roam the mysterious streets of the country, meet the capricious residents and embark on adventurous quests to escape the clutches of Evans’ sister Ode Queen. Along the way, he meets even a small, strange, living cube Daisy. Usually they will find an ancient story with an updated message that is not addressed in the games: You have nothing to fear or control the opportunity. If you allow it, you can use it yourself and master any situation.

Opportunity reigns in the random kingdom. This principle can also be found in innovative games Lost randomly Again. Along the way, players collect coins, which, among other things, also help with new attacks and abilities. These can be very helpful in tactical battles. Evin can attack enemies with a slingshot. This creates energy cubes that supply the daisy with energy. Once fully charged, you can throw away the daisy and turn off the time and unleash its powerful magic. In ever-changing board arenas, players can quickly change their combat strategy. This is the only way to break the rule and use the power of opportunity.

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