March 25, 2023


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Lost Ark: Prime Gaming ‘Free’ Items to Release

Prime Gaming not only has new “free” games ready in February, but also additional games In-game content for select games. Matching release Lost Ark is available to Amazon Prime members Also exclusive content for the new MMOARPG from Amazon Game Studios. For example, the first battle item pack contains a file crystal aura, which lasts for five days and brings, among other things, free triples and a reduced rest period. In addition, among other things, the natural regeneration of life points is accelerated by ten percent.

‘Free’ items with Prime Gaming

The Amethyst Shard pack contains 500 pieces, which you can spend in the Lost Ark on special skins or chests, for example. On the other hand, the Battle Chest Bundle contains the Healing Battle Item Chest, the Auxiliary Battle Item Chest, and the Offensive Battle Item Chest. You can get the “free” in-game content for Lost Ark until March 8th, after which other items will follow. Amazon announces more monthly MMOARPG game packs want to distribute. On Prime Gaming Overview Page Five more packages are currently announced.