September 24, 2021


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Loss of consciousness, eye swelling and bronze in judo



Medina Temazova played five matches, in a total of 40 minutes and it was a surprise

The city of Temazova, on Wednesday, won the bronze medal in the women’s 70 kg category by defeating Croatian Barbara Matic.

However, he stood out on the tatami mats at Tokyo 2020 for his endurance and ability to overcome. The 22-year-old Russian judoka fought for more than 40 minutes (40.13) spread over just five matches.

After eliminating the Spanish Maria Bernabeu in the opening round in 4.27 minutes, she faced the Brazilian Maria Portela, with a match of 14.58 minutes.

Then he easily won (32 seconds) over the Greek Elisavite Griteltsido and in the first half he was surprised.

Taimazova spent 16.41 minutes on the carpet, even with his right eye swollen. The Russian was defeated by Ippon, ended up losing consciousness when attacked by Japanese Shizuru Arai – who later won the gold medal – and had to receive medical help.

In the end, Taimazova left the carpet somewhat disoriented, but returned minutes later to fight for bronze. And the incredible happened. The athlete defeated the world champion, Barbara Matic (who removed the Portuguese Barbara Timo). The Russian came to win another gold score, in five minutes.

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