December 6, 2021


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LoL Worlds 2021: Group A decided amazingly

In the 2021 World Championships, the first group has been decided! These two teams are in the quarter-finals. Source: Riot Games / LoL Esports

The second half of the group stage of the 2021 World Championships began! From now on, the final result of one of the four groups will be determined daily, in each of which two teams out of four can qualify for the quarter-finals. For the other two teams, the World Cup journey and dream is over. Today, Friday, October 15, 2021, a decision has been made on the marks in the first group.

Having already established a perfect starting position for the second half of the season with three wins from three matches, the DWG KIA has come as no surprise that the World Champion and Championship favorites continued to perform in the second half of the season smoothly and undoubtedly on their personal status with 6-0 as the first team to qualify for the stage Knockout.

But right behind her, a relentless battle ensued for the second slot in Group A, which could be occupied by one of the three remaining teams: FunPlus Phonix of LPL, Cloud9 of LCS and Rogue of LEC. Ahead of Monday’s long and crucial match day, FunPlus Phoenix was almost the second-ranked player in the quarter-finals for many fans. But both Cloud9 and Rogue – despite their poor start in the first half of the group stage – had some good arguments against that.

The amazing race to catch up

While FunPlus Phoenix actually managed not to even start to reclaim its performance from the first half of the season and lose all three duels in the group outright, Cloud9 awakened hope for their fans in the second game of the day when they won the can against the rogue. Right after that in the game I won the second time and all of a sudden I saw a realistic chance of knockout stage and getting into the top 8 teams in the world. If the last duel of the day had been won against DWG KIA, it would have been possible even without a tiebreaker. But it didn’t get that far.

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Before competing with the C9 DWG KIA, Rogue managed to secure the important second victory himself, thus putting his own standing and FunPlus Phoenix results at 2-4 after matches. Thus, after six matches of all participants in group A, the following constellation resulted:

  1. DWG KIA-6-0
  2. C9 – 2-4
  3. Rogue – 2-4
  4. FPX – 2-4

Due to the faster wins, C9 secured the highest place in the next two tiebreakers and was initially allowed to watch the decisive showdown between FPX and Rogue. There the Europeans, in particular, thanks to the outstanding performance of ADC ‘Hans Sama’, to whom all the resources of his team were transferred, were able to bring the FunPlus Phoenix’s journey into the 2021 World Championships to a very surprising end. The LPL was previously considered one of the safest entrants to the knockout stage, but had to say goodbye after a poor performance on Friday.

After the first tie-breaking match, C9 was pressured again and had to force himself against Rogue. There was a direct duel between NA and the European Union for a safe place among the top eight teams. Who would have thought that before the start of the fourth day of the match? We do not! The last and eighth match of the day turned out to be even more exciting. After this performance, both teams will have more than enough merit to advance. Unfortunately, there was only one slot.

After a very long and balanced game in which both teams managed to secure no less than three dragons plus a buff baron, C9 was able to gain an advantage in some crucial moments and battles and that too at the end to turn the very important thing into a win. After 54 minutes of intense tension, C9 won the decisive team battle at the Elder Dragon, after besieging Rogue’s base several times did not lead to success.

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tiebreak results

  • FPX 0-1 Rogue
  • C9 1-0 Rogue

This result is of course very unfortunate for Rogue, who failed in the group stage for the second time in a row after 2020, but he deserves more than Cloud9, who, after a long run through play, has now also come a very long way in the group stage to continue going to the World Championships. 2021. C9 has never won a World Championship tie-breaker.

After today’s match, we know that DWG KIA and C9 are among the top 8 teams in LoL Worlds 2021 and will therefore be in the quarter-finals. From the knockout stage, each pair is played in the top 5. The six teams that will fill the remaining slots will be decided in the next three days. Tomorrow, Saturday, October 16, 2021, the Decisive Duels will continue in Group B. EDward Gaming, T1, 100 Thieves and DetonatioN FocusMe will fight for progress.

Round 4 in repetition

If you want to watch the very exciting 4th game day or singles matches again in peace and quiet, below you will find VoD in full.

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