February 6, 2023


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Lock your smart screen for €249 at Amazon

Lock your smart screen for €249 at Amazon

Smart Display with Alexa on Board – This is the Echo Show 15. Amazon’s wall-mounted gadget should become the smart hub of the family and can now be ordered.

Buy the Alexa Echo Show 15 on Amazon

Alexa has always conquered smartphones, tables, and bedside tables with various Echo devices, and now it’s walls’ turn: At the end of 2021, Amazon will have a new device called Alexa. 15 . echo display Introduction – Full HD smart display with 15.6 inch screen and camera that can be hung upright or horizontally. The product page for pre-ordering the largest Echo Show to date is already online on the Amazon website.

Our recommendations: Alexa Echo Show 15 costs at launch €249 It can be ordered now. However, according to current information, it may take until May for delivery to arrive – which is how popular the new smart photo frame is with customers.

Echo Show 15 for more harmony at home

What looks like a picture frame in home press photos needs to be integrated more centrally than ever before by Alexa. For example, the Echo Show 15 displays widgets, custom tasks, calendars, recipes, or notes. The device should also be suitable for video calling, listening to music or watching your favorite series on Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime and Co.

Interesting: The Alexa smart gadget uses the built-in 5MP camera to recognize who’s in front of it and display personalized content. Finally, the Echo Show 15 is a smart photo frame: when not in use, you can display artwork or photos of your choice. And if you prefer standing rather than hanging, there’s also a stand sold separately.

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