September 26, 2023


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“LINE” account is easy to grab the newly added QR code function – Jetstream BLOG

  • New account “Easy takeover QR code” function has been added to the “LINE” app
  • Account transfer between devices is easy (support between same OS/Android/iOS)
  • When migrating between Android / iOS, the talk history of the last 14 days can be inherited

LINE has begun to provide a new function “QR Code Easy Acquisition” that allows you to take over an account using a QR code for the Android and iOS versions of the “LINE” calling service.

The new “LINE” app function “Easy takeover QR code” is a convenient function that allows you to easily transfer accounts by reading the QR code displayed on the relay source device on the relay destination device. It is possible to migrate between Android/iOS as well as between the same operating system, and even when migrating between Android/iOS, the talk history of the last 14 days can be inherited.

When migrating between the same accounts, it is possible to take control of the entire chat history by backing up the conversation history beforehand.

Talk log can be grabbed

The new function of “LINE” “Easy takeover QR code” app is easy to use, and the QR code will be displayed by going to[⚙ (الإعدادات)]→[Easy takeover QR code]in the top right[ الصفحة الرئيسية]Tab. All you have to do now is read the QR code on the destination device.

QR Code for easy acquisition

In addition, the latest “LINE” app has a tab[الصفحة الرئيسية]Improved support for persistent services sorting, and a function that allows you to temporarily save web pages that are traded in the app on the iPad version of the “LINE” app. Also, new functions have been implemented such as the function of restricting re-registration for users who were forced to leave through “Open Chat”.

new job

■ A new function has been added that allows you to take charge of your account with a QR code.

■ Improvement of the services list screen on the main tab and adding a function that can change the order of “fixed services”.

■ A function has been added to temporarily save the webpage you are browsing in the LINE app on the iPad.

■ Added setting that can restrict re-subscription to opening chat by users who left alone due to unauthorized use.

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