September 28, 2022


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Written by Louisa McMahon on .

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Do you want a quick game? No time to think about the best strategy to put it in forever? Then LIGRETTO – THE BOARD GAME is exactly the right thing. As in the original LIGRETTO, speed is everything, the end of it all, and decisive for victory or defeat.

Information about the game

SCHMIDT SPIELE made available LIGRETTO – DAS BRETTSGAME for us for your review.
This does not affect our rating!

This is how the game works

First, the playing field is determined according to the number of players. Then each player receives a set of a player board, 15 two-color game pieces and 2 joker pieces. Then they distributed 4 black Ligretto pieces together on the game board. Now the game can start.


At the “Ligretto Start” command, all players simultaneously take the two-tone playing tiles in their hands and, if possible, place them on the Ligretto stones on the field. The colors of the square must match the color of the fields on the game board. If the top tile does not fit, the player forms a rejected pile in front of him and can get rid of the tiles. Alternatively, each person has two joker pieces that individual fields can be linked to.

Once a player has placed all of his pieces, the round ends and that player gets 2 victory points. In descending order of the remaining tiles, the remaining players occupy the following places and score points accordingly. Slower players are allowed to place a piece or two of tiles on the player board if they lose a round, and therefore they must place fewer tiles in the next round.

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At the end, players collect tiles from the left neighbor and check that they are in the correct position. If a piece is placed on an unsuitable space, this trigger automatically ends in the last place. Game over after completing the preset number of rounds. Whoever has the most points wins the game.

Game material

The game material is quite enough. The instructions describe the game well, and you don’t need much time to understand the rules. There are enough bags in the game that sorting is reduced to a minimum at the beginning. The material feels solid and well made. The design goes well with the game concept, only the shape of the game squares should be reviewed.

Tags: placement game, 20 minutes, real time, 2-4 players