June 9, 2023


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Lidl sells office and gaming chairs at a discount

Those who stay in the home office need comfortable seating that should be as good as a chair in the office – if not better. With the hjh hjh Game Sport desk and gaming chair, Lidl currently has a swivel chair on offer that should meet this standard.

This chair is somewhat similar to a car seat on wheels. The upholstery should be thick, as well as a rocking mechanism against fixed sitting positions.

The seat height adjustment works without steps, there is also a thicker seat, backrest upholstery and padded parts. The curved armrests have a soft cushion and can be folded up.

Swing mechanism creates adjustable resistance when bending backwards. It can be individually adjusted to the user’s weight and can also be locked if necessary.

The base is made of plastic. The double safety wheels are braked according to the load and therefore comply with the regulations. It is suitable for carpet. The chair only rolls under load; When unloaded, the wheels brake to prevent unintended rolling and above all unnoticed.

The seat and back are made of leather and the exterior is polyurethane. The chair measures 64 x 57 x 130 cm and weighs approximately 16 kg.

The manufacturer charges €239 for the chair, at Lidl the cost of the chair is im Online Store 125 euros. In addition, there is a fair 4.95 euros for delivery.

How did you stay in your home office? What new appliances and furniture did you buy, what can you recommend? Write it in the comment fields at the bottom of this message!

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