December 2, 2023


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LiDAR vacuum robot – what is this technology and what can it do?

LiDAR vacuum robot – what is this technology and what can it do?

Many new vacuum robot Install a LiDAR Scanner today. But what is lidar and what advantages does the technology offer? I show it to you!

What is it and can it be a robot vacuum cleaner with LiDAR technology?

LiDAR stands for “Light Detection and Ranging” and is now a widely used method for environmental detection. This means that a vacuum robot, which features a colloquial laser turret, that shoots out a laser beam to detect objects and map captures. This technology uses harmless lasers to create a map of the area. It captures not only the environment, but also any objects in it.

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How is the LiDAR Scanner regulated?

You can often identify a robot vacuum’s LiDAR scanner by a built-in turret on top. A fast-rotating LiDAR sensor is located in this tower. The detector or optical lens captures the laser light reflected from objects and walls and sends the obtained data to the processor that processes it. This technology requires small motors that use a belt to set the LiDAR sensor in motion. When driving through the four walls in a house, it can also measure exactly how long it takes for the reflected laser light to return to its starting point, thus calculating the exact distances of the detected objects. On average, the range of lasers in vacuum robots is about ten meters.

What are the advantages of a LiDAR sensor in a vacuum robot?

LiDAR technology mainly offers an advantage in navigation and its side effects. With the LiDAR scanner, the robot can position itself in its environment and thus know where it is, where it has already been, and where it still has to go. In addition, objects located at the height of the laser tower are detected. It reliably detects furniture, vases, table legs or similar objects and calculates the distance between them.

Another big advantage is that thanks to the sensor, the robot moves through your home in straight, predictive paths. The processor, which computes the information received from the LiDAR sensor and all other embedded sensors, is the brain of the robot, so to speak. The more powerful the processor, the faster the data processing.

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What problems can a LiDAR sensor cause in a vacuum robot?

A disadvantage of the LiDAR navigation system is the sensitivity of the sensor. The LiDAR scanner reacts sensitively to unexpected movements, such as a sudden levitation of a vacuum robot. Large shocks can also impair the LiDAR sensor and its function. In practice, this means that the robot should not be obstructed or disturbed while it is working. The LiDAR sensor also only recognizes navigation-related objects. To do this, they must be at the level of the laser beam. The LiDAR scanner does not recognize socks, cables, or even legacies from your pet. Because they have a lot vacuum robot In addition Obstacle avoidance Install like this AIVIAnd the reaction or Trudetect technology.

How do I know if a robot vacuum has LiDAR technology?

A year ago you could still say a vacuum robot With the attached laser turret it has a LiDAR sensor. However, it has been some time and a handful of companies are developing LiDAR technology further. They are successfully trying to place a LiDAR sensor inside the vacuum robot so that the overall height does not suffer from an attached tower. The 360 ​​S10 from Qhioo360, for example, is equipped with an internal LiDAR sensor. Most manufacturers often advertise LiDAR technology on the packaging, as it guarantees a great deal of quality and reliability.

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