September 24, 2021


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LG is successfully testing 6G technology outside the lab, for the first time

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With 5G technology gradually spreading across the globe, tech giants are already preparing for the arrival of 6G. For the first time in the world, LG successfully passed a test of this technology outside the laboratory, sending 6 gigahertz wireless communications signals 100 meters away.

While the world is still in transition to 5G networks, some tech giants like Samsung or LG are testing 6G transmission using terahertz (THz) waves.

While Samsung actually tested it last year, South Korean company LG This year ahead of her by driving trials outdoors and at a longer distance for the first time.

LG conducted a test at a distance of 100 meters versus the 15 meters used in the Samsung lab test. Another novelty is the fact that the test was carried out in the open air. This experiment was conducted in collaboration with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, a German research institute specializing in applied sciences.

In order for this test to succeed, LG created a research center dedicated to 6G and worked with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft to develop a power amplifier that made it possible to transmit the desired signals at a significant distance.

“The success of this trial shows that we are closer than ever to the successful implementation of the terahertz radio communications spectrum in the upcoming 6G era,” said IP Park, President and CTO of LG Electronics.

In theory, the new 6G technology should be 100 times faster than 5G.

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When will 6G be launched?

In 2020, the South Korean manufacturer Samsung said that 6G will be launched in 2028 in fewer locations and will be widely deployed around 2030. According to Samsung, the main users of this technology will be humans and machines featuring the introduction of innovations like reality Immersive Extender (XR), high-resolution mobile hologram and digital replica.

Competition LG brings about the same period, by acknowledging that new 6G technology should become a global standard in 2025. However, the company adds that it will only be commercialized between 2025 and 2029.