September 27, 2023


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LG 32GQ950-B review: 4K gaming with great performance

LG 32GQ950-B review: 4K gaming with great performance


Monitors from LG’s UltraGear line are a constant guarantee of unconditional performance in the gaming sector. All the screens in this category we tested left a lasting impression. If the product name has the number 950 at the end, you can be sure that the top model is in front of you. With the LG 32GQ950-B (B stands for black), the 2022 LG spearhead arrives for us for comprehensive testing.

With 3840 x 2160 pixels it solves The 31.5-inch diagonal IPS panel is said to have a lightning-fast 1ms (GtG) response time. Due to nano-IPS technology, the DCI-P3 color space should be covered by 98% and “ATW” (“Advanced True Wide Polarizer”) should achieve better viewing angle stability.

Smooth gameplay is made possible by the original 144Hz refresh rate, which can be increased to 160Hz in overclocked mode. AMD’s FreeSync in the Premium Pro version is also available to eliminate tearing and stuttering, but that shouldn’t bother NVIDIA GPU owners, since the LG 32GQ950-B is also G-Sync certified. The test subject also does not lack brilliance, as it bears the DisplayHDR 1000 logo and thus guarantees a true HDR experience. Various gaming gadgets complete the specifications.

On the paper, the LG 32GQ950-B is indeed the better dog. We’re curious if he can do justice to this role.

Detailed information on features and specifications can be found in the data sheet of the LG 32GQ950-B.

scope of delivery

With the LG 32GQ950-B, the manufacturer operates without stunning packaging design and focuses on sustainability. Only the model name and some specifications are printed on the unadorned recycled box, which is definitely welcome in terms of environmental protection. The box, which weighs about 16 kg, is one meter wide but only 16 cm deep. The ease of carrying in the form of two strips is somewhat unusual, but useful. They are located on the wide side of the box, so you do not have to have a distance of 2 meters to transport the machine to the job site.

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LG 32GQ950-B . Custom Purpose Recycling Bin

As a rule, all internal work should be pulled through a narrow slot of the cardboard. In this case, a more user-friendly method was chosen where the box is opened via the wide top. In this way, the content can be extracted layer by layer without having to suffer. Under the cardboard cover is the base and the box where the accessories are stored.

LG 32GQ950-B . Accessories Box
accessories box

Includes power cord, power adapter, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 3.0 (A to B) cables, cable clip for mouse cable, and cable management clip. Unusually, there are no papers or CD in the box, probably due to the fact that it is a test device.

Accessories: a wide range of cables
Wide range of cables

Although the manual and LG Calibration Studio software including the software manual can be downloaded from the product website, they were only available in English at the time of writing the test. The Quick Start Guide or other usual documents can’t be found either. However, we’re sure LG will have this available before sales start.

The support arm and screen can be found under the top layer of Styrofoam, which also serves to hold the components underneath.

LG 32GQ950-B . Fixed Support Arm
stable support arm
The base (monitor stand) has two extension arms
The base has two pillars

First, the base arm and support should be put together and secured with a screw.

The monitor support arm and base (foot) are fixed by hand screw
The support arm and base are fixed with a hand screw

The support arm mounting plate is then attached to the VESA mount and closed using the auxiliary device.

The mounting plate is attached via two lugs...
The mounting plate is attached via two lugs…
...and cut through a quick-release lock
…and cut through a quick-release lock

There is also the option to attach the screen to alternate brackets. A VESA 100 x 100 mount is required for this.

VESA 100 mount on the back of the LG 32GQ950-B . Monitor
Fittings LG 32GQ950-B VESA 100

optics and mechanics

The design of the LG 32GQ950-B has undergone a revamp compared to its predecessors. Until now, the focus was on black plastic with red accents, but now gray, which shimmers with a violet tone on the back, dominates.

The board is bounded by a narrow strip 2 mm wide on the top and sides. The frame is 20mm wide at the bottom and has the UltraGear logo in the center.

A small clip can be installed under the frame on the right or left side. It serves as a mouse cable holder.

The depth of the LG 32GQ950-B is 32mm on top and outside. The exterior is decorated with a shiny ribbon with vents at the back, top, and sides. The back wall is very well designed in terms of design. It has a reflective surface in which many small hexagons have been fused in different directions, creating a pattern worth seeing.

The reflective hexagonal shape on the back of the display case is impressive
The reflective hexagon makes a statement

The reflective appearance also contrasts with the feel of a rough surface and appears remarkably insensitive to fingerprints. The UltraGear logo is integrated as a reflective relief at the top of the rear wall and a glossy magenta. Immediately below is another case that also features a hexagonal shape. It’s about 27mm aft and, in addition to the air supply on the outer frame, has additional air vents on top.

Upper ventilation holes in the screen housing
Top vents
Ventilation holes in the rear body
Ventilation holes in the rear body

There are two LED strips on each side of the case, which are responsible for lighting the LG 32GQ950-B effect.

LED strips on both sides of the case provide effective illumination
LED strips on both sides of the case provide effective illumination

The monitor arm mounting plate hangs in the center of the VESA monitor mount. At the rear there is a tilt axis, which can be adjusted to a range of -5 degrees forward and 15 degrees backward.

Maximum screen tilt angle
Max back tilt angle
Maximum screen forward tilt angle
Max forward tilt angle

Pivoting functionality is also possible and allows rotation from landscape to portrait so you can better read long Excel lists.

front axle position
front axle position
rear axle position
rear axle position

Unfortunately, this device also does not provide lateral rotation, which we already know from its predecessors and criticized there.

The mounting plate operates on a sliding system inside the monitor arm and its height can be adjusted to a distance of 110 mm. In the lowest position, the lower frame is 75 mm from the table top. Here you need a lot of force to move the screen over the initial resistance.

Width at lowest front position
Show in the lowest position from the back
in the lowest position from the back
Width in the highest position from the front
In the highest position from the front
Show in the highest position from the back
In the highest position from the back

The support arm looks stable and has a cable management clip in the back area. Of course, the hexagon shape is used again here. At the bottom, the support arm runs firmly at the base. It consists of two cantilevers at an angle of about 120 degrees to each other. To prevent slipping on the floor, three small rubber feet are installed under the base. The chassis has good stability and can also withstand somewhat rougher impacts without overturning directly.

LG 32GQ950-B . Front Design
LG 32GQ950-B . Front Design

While the front is almost as simple as its predecessors, a lot has happened in the back. Of course, opinions differ when it comes to design, and not everyone will like the shade of purple used as an accent color on the back. However, the back wall is on a level in terms of materials and design, somewhat unusual and looks very attractive. In practical terms, the swivel function was definitely useful for the LG 32GQ950-B, and the lifting position could also be smoother. However, in the end, the screen is very well designed and will be especially popular with fans of the player’s style.