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Let's get to know the characteristics of Rolex sports models!  Make 9 recommendations![العمود]|  Dunk sneakers

Let’s get to know the characteristics of Rolex sports models! Make 9 recommendations![العمود]| Dunk sneakers

Let’s get to know the characteristics of Rolex sports models! Make 9 recommendations![عمودي]

Even in the modern age where you can check the time on your smartphone, it has established a strong need and niche as a luxury watch.Rolex.If you want to enjoy the brand’s reliable technology and innovation, we recommend the Sport model.Introducing a charming and popular sporty model from Rolexto do.

Rolex is synonymous with luxury watch brands.

Why has Rolex been loved as a status symbol for so long?Before checking out the sports model, let’s take a look at the brand’s beginnings and appeal.

It all started in London in 1905

Rolex founder“Hans Willsdorf”He was convinced of the future of wristwatches, unrecognized in terms of practicality, from an early stage.

In 1905 he founded a trading company specializing in watches in do. He dedicated his passion to creating practical, high-precision watches.

Durable and highly water-resistant, it is representative of what Rolex has pioneered in the pursuit of precision and functionality.oyster caseself winding origin“perpetual motion”calendar function“datejust”he is.

These were called “Rolex’s Three Major Inventions” and had a huge impact on the specifications of wrist watches today.

Even now, more than 100 years after its foundation, its high technology and innovation capabilities are still alive and well. One look at a perfectly fitting watch and you’ll understand why Rolex is called the ‘King of Watches’.

Rolex models

Approximate rating for Rolex watchesTwo types of “sports models” and “fashion models”he is. Let’s take a look at each feature.

Mathematical model

The Sports Model (Professional Model) is a model designed for professionals who continue to challenge themselves in harsh environments.he is.

Designed and customized to meet the needs of the activity, providing maximum benefit to the user. It has functionality and practicality that deserves to be called a “tool watch”, and it is attractive that it has a unique design.

As a representative of the mathematical model,Submariner Yacht Masterand so on.

dress model

The dress model (the classic model) is an elegant model that suits any occasion.he is.

Fine gold and platinum are often used as materials, and the design is exquisite. If you match them with the uniform, the coordination will be arranged once.

As a flagship model, it is said to be “typical of classic Rolex watches”“today’s date”It is named after an Italian artist of the Renaissance“Chileni”and so on.

Models who are active in marine sports

Rolex invented the world’s first waterproof wristwatch.Introducing the recommended hours of leisure and marine sports on the sea from the sports modelsto do.

Submarine nd black enamel 124060

A mathematical model has been created for divershe is. Said to be the prototype of a diver’s watch, it features a high water resistance of up to 300 metres. It has been used by many divers as one of the essential survival tools for deep sea activities.

Supports black dial and underwater activitiesThe Reverse Rotation Frame is a key feature of Submariner Non-Date.With good visibility, you can check diving time safely and accurately even underwater.

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The movement was entirely developed in-house by Rolex3230 caliberIt has been certified, and it is a watch that you can feel highly reliable.

With its fully sealed Oyster case and Rolex Oyster bracelet, you’ll be able to maintain high precision and comfort even in harsh environments.

Rolex Submariner Changed Date 114,060 Black Dial 124060
Rolex Submariner Without Date Black Dial
Case size: 41 mm
Rolex Submariner Without Date Photo Black Dial
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Yacht-Master 37 Black Dial 268621

A model designed for use in the oceanhe is. It is equipped with a “two-way rotating bezel” that can accurately measure the cruising time, making you feel the special relationship between Rolex and sailing.

Although it is a sporty spec, it is an attractive model with a black dial and gold frame.he is. The bracelet is made of high-strength Oystersteel and Everose gold, giving it a mature elegance.

The contrast between cool black and elegant rose gold will go well with a suit and formal wear.

The movement is certified by the Swiss Certification Authority2236 caliberPowered by the water resistance function is also 100 meters, you can feel the high functionality and reliability that are unique to Rolex.

Rolex yacht-master 37 black dial 268621
Rolex yacht-master 37 black dial
Case Size: 37 mm
Rolex yacht-master 37 black dial photo
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Sea-Dweller Black Dial 126600

“Sea-Dweller” is a model that has a waterproof performance of 1220 meters.he is. It is used by professional divers as a reliable tool even in the unknown deep sea world.

The Sea-Dweller Black Dial features a gorgeous design with a black dial and black ceramic bezel. It also features a unidirectional rotating bezel, allowing you to accurately monitor the passage of time during underwater activities.

Specification that the “helium degassing valve” discharges the gas automatically when the pressure difference between the outside and the inside reaches a certain value.They are also specifications that consider the safety of divers. It prevents the watch from being damaged from the inside, even in the deep sea where the atmospheric pressure changes dramatically.

Self-winding mechanical movement“3235 caliber”Equipped with oyster box and oyster bracelet, it will be tough from daily life to underwater.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Black Dial 126600
Rolex Sea-Dweller Black Dial
Case size: 43 mm
Rolex Sea-Dweller Black Dial Photo
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Sports model recommended for traveling abroad

For people who like to travel abroad and business people who travel around the world, it is recommended to use mathematical models equipped with GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) function, which can display the time in the second and third time zones.

Let’s take a look at the sporty models with the GMT function from the Rolex lineup.

Explorer II White Dial 226570

The “Explorer” series was developed for explorers.It shows high clarity and resolution even in harsh environments, and is loved as one of life’s tools.

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“Explorer II”A model with 24 hour hand, crown guard and 24 hour display function has been added to Explorer.he is.

The Explorer II white dial is a model with a white dial and bezel with a 24-hour display.

Thanks to the durable Oyster case and comfortable Oyster bracelet, you can enjoy the high level of functionality that is unique to Rolex.

The movement is characterized by high durability and shock resistanceCaliber 3285.With the function of water resistance to 100 meters, it will be a good partner for those who have energy.

Rolex Explorer II White Dial 226570
Rolex Explorer II White Dial
Case size: 42 mm
Rolex Explorer II White Dial Photo
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GMT Master II Black Dial 126710BLNR

The “GMT Master” series was developed for pilots who travel around the world.Characterized by its ability to display two time zones simultaneously, it has been championed as an indispensable tool for pilots since its introduction.

GMT-Master II as movement“3285 caliber”Powered by two time zones can be set, and the short hand can be set only with the crown.

The GMT-Master II Black Dial is a model with a black dial and a bluish black ceramic bezel. Using simple pointers and luminous materials, it is designed to be well visible even in the dark.

Firm and resilient oysterjubilee braceletAdopted, it is a model that combines practicality and comfort. With 100m water resistance function.

Rolex GMT-Master II Black Dial 126710BLNR
Rolex GMT-Master II black dial
Case size: 40mm
Rolex GMT-Master II Photo Black Dial
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High definition mathematical model

Designed with visibility in mind, the black dial is useful even in dark places or in situations where it is difficult to check the do. Among them, the model whose index was considered is easy to see and will be active in a wide range of scenes.

Explorer I Black Dial 124270

Explorer I was developed for explorers.The black dial model has an elegant impression with a combination of silver and black, which can be said to be a classic Rolex model.

The index and letters 3, 6 and 9 are designed to emit light for a long time and flaunt high visibility.

The sleek bezel, sturdy case and bracelet are all made of solid and durable Oystersteel. Fits into the work scene without disturbing, enhances the presence of the wearer.

The movement was entirely in-house developed by Rolex.3230 caliberPowered by With the function of water resistance up to 100 meters, you can use it in any scene.

Rolex Explorer I Black Dial 124270
Rolex Explorer I black dial
Case Size: 36 mm
Rolex Explorer I Black Dial Images
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Air King 40 mm Black Dial 126900

“Air-King” is best known as the most historical pet name.Inheriting the Rolex tradition, it features an Oyster case, an Oyster bracelet, and a crystal clear black dial.

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The 40mm black dial model features a black dial with large indices of 3, 6 and 9 and an eye-catching minute scale.It is a state-of-the-art self-winding mechanical movement3230 caliberIt is characterized by high durability and impact resistance.

The simple, effortless design is perfect for your first Rolex watch. With 100m water resistance function.

Rolex Air-King 40mm Black Dial 126900
Rolex Air-King 40mm Black Dial
Case size: 40mm
Rolex Air King 40mm Black Dial Photo
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An athletic model that shines with the brand’s technological prowess

Rolex continues to innovate without being satisfied with the status quo.From Rolex sports models, check out the models full of the brand’s high technologyKeep it.

Cosmograph Daytona Steel Dial 116519LN

The Cosmograph Daytona is a high-precision chronograph model developed for motorsports.he is. Because it was equipped with a “tachometer” that could calculate average speed, it was admired as an indispensable tool for car racers.

The steel dial model features a silver dial with black counters. The tachymeter edge is also black, giving it a cool, elegant impression.

High quality white gold is used as the material, giving it a lot of elegance. Patented by Rolex“Oysterflex bracelet”It is designed to be easy to use, in and out.

The movement is characterized by high reliability4130 caliberI depend. There is also a function of water resistance to 100 metres, which is convinced that it is a “popular Rolex watch”.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Steel Dial 116519LN
Dial Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Steel
Case size: 40mm
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Steel Dial Photo
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Milgauss Z Blue Dial 116400GV

“Milgauss” is a professional model created for scientists.Magnetic shield inside the case that can withstand magnetic fields up to 1000 gauss prevents the watch from breaking.

Made with a secret recipe“Green sapphire crystal” is also one of the items in which you can feel the technical strength.Among Rolex, it is installed only in Milgauss.

The blue Z dial model features a blue and silver steel dial outlined by a light orange seconds hand. You can fully enjoy the technology and exclusivity of Rolex on your wrist.

the movement3131 caliberEquipped with a function of water resistance to a depth of 100 metres.

Rolex Milgus Z-Blue Dial 116400GV
Rolex Milgus Z blue dial
Case size: 40mm
Rolex Milgauss Z Picture Blue Dial
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A sporty model from Rolex (Rolex) where his magic has been lost

Rolex, known as the “King of Watches”, offers a wide range of unique professional watches.There are many types of popular models, so it is important to determine the specifications, functions, and designs.

Rolex watches are a work of art created with a passion for watchmaking and reliable technology.Wear the ultimate in elegance and sophistication on your wrist with the sporty, commitment-filled Rolex model.