December 4, 2022


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Laying the foundation stone with Markus Söder: the latest technology “Made in Bavaria” – Fichtelgebirge

40,000 truck movements
Rainer Kämgen talks about a “complete package” – even when the logistics center was being built. Because there are about 40,000 truck movements on site. “We’re actually going to build that landmass back on the site.” First of all, the little lumps are moved: when they lead in constant rain, at first they still have muscular strength to the point. But nevertheless, a project that is unparalleled at the national level is being rolled out.

Best day in the life of OB

“I was already looking forward to this day when I woke up!” Mayor Oliver Weigl couldn’t keep the smile off his face on Friday — even though it was falling from the buckets at the groundbreaking ceremony. Arguably the most successful day of his life as Lord Mayor. “This is the largest project in the entire Northeast Bavaria region,” he says. And to thank you for this huge investment, Weigel handed over the road sign for the future access to the logistics center at the beginning of construction: “Edekastraße”.

The city is always a surprise
The board’s spokesperson, Sebastian Corman, admitted with a smile as well as another surprise. Because Weigel still had an ace up his sleeve. “The ink only dried for a few hours,” the mayor explains as he handed his first partial approval. “All that was missing was this building block to begin with. The staff in the building management were about to formally prepare the documents. “This goes well with the level of management in Edeka: ‘The city of Marktredwitz is always good for a surprise.'”

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Oliver Weigel thanks Edeka for “having responded to many demands, especially since nature conservation and infrastructure connections must be taken into account”. The group of companies has improved its construction project several times. The fact that incoming and outgoing goods are now handled in the inner yard, in the form of a horseshoe, is critical to reducing emissions.
Stefan Borker, local spokesman for the Thölau region, brings bread and salt to the spokesperson for the Edeka Board of Directors and wishes “good neighborliness and sustainable success at all times – socially, economically and environmentally”.
For the groundbreaking ceremony, Edeka had a huge area flattened and set up a tent. “We reacted to heavy rain in a pop-up store frenzy,” CEO Corman explains. Guests are delighted when they turn to a short talk in the dry.

“Finding a property of this size was a challenge.”

Among the 80 invited guests, a number of distinguished guests gathered in the tent. And some of them have their say in a short chat before picking up a spade for the logistics center, which will increase the number of items from 13,000 to 28,000.

Regional President of Upper Franconia Heidrun Piwernetz: “This is a very happy event.” Quotes Mayor Oliver Weigel – “I want to see the cranes!” – And she says: “We want it all over Upper Franconia.” Create equal living conditions in Bavaria.

Mayor Lord Oliver Weigel: “We have invested a lot of passion and worked up front. The city council and management stand united behind the project.”

Rainer Kämpgen, Board Member of the Edeka Group of Companies: “Finding a plot of this size was a challenge. This is a great location.” Using a gigaluminizer can halve the loads and thus save a lot of carbon dioxide, says Campgen. “It is a great coincidence that today the groundbreaking ceremony for the large hydrogen project in Wunsiedel takes place.”

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Lander Peter Perek: “I am happy for my parents, who owned Edeka’s little shop. I am happy for Mayor Weigel, who put so much energy into this project.” The district official described the collaboration with Edeka as “very professional.” There were several round tables with the city and Edeka, where solutions were quickly sought. “If we needed a turn-by-turn track, we would just build one,” the area manager says. And that’s how it’s done now.

About 735 trucks will arrive and leave the logistics center each day.