May 18, 2022


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Law enforcement officer in Regensburg retaliates against complaints about Google reviews under a pseudonym

Law enforcement officer in Regensburg retaliates against complaints about Google reviews under a pseudonym

A sales representative in the regulatory office in Regensburg resorted to unusual means to retaliate against complaints about him. Now it seems that the city’s reaction.

Regensburg – Gabrielle Wisdorn seems to be a woman who likes to choose clear words. “Disastrous!!!” Her verdict on an installation company in Regensburg was in a Google review. A dentist from Regensburg rated her as “arrogant and arrogant and should not be recommended at all”. Problem: Gabriel Wisdorn does not exist. It’s the alias of Martin K. (name changed), employee of the municipal public order office.

In the past he did not use the services of a dentist or an installation company. However, he clashed with the doctor or the head of the installation company as a municipal law enforcement officer, and then retaliated against the bad Google reviews by pseudonym. This is evidenced by the documents available to both our editorial team and the city of Regensburg.

Law enforcement officers in Regensburg are on the wrong track: he used to be a police officer

Martin K was a police officer. He then moved to the burial office in the city of Regensburg, and thus came to the municipal security service, which is somewhat euphemistically called the “municipal security service”. Municipal Police Auxiliary, so to speak.

In the past, the 37-year-old, who also runs a luxury limousine service, presented himself with complete confidence on his Facebook profile. A cup with the police union logo in front of you, a table with some kind of data on one, an aerial photo of Kassiansplatz on the other computer screen, feet crossed on the desk, hashtag: #allesimgriff. But the fact that everything is already under control, and especially himself, casts doubt on the descriptions of the citizens who had something to do with K. in the past.

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Law Enforcement Officers at Dusk: A Cruel Hand Against Linen Sinners

Even before Google’s questionable reviews, there were complaints against the law enforcement officer. Two women (aged 77 and 54) who he and his mates grabbed at the park with their unleashed dogs describe him as unfriendly and petty and talk about threatening behavior. Even 54-year-old Stephanie R (name changed), who has clashed with Martin K. In January due to her un-leashed dog at Dörnbergpark, she filed a criminal complaint.

“I shouldn’t have told him he should have learned something smart,” she says. Because even though she had already given the security officers her personal details at this point and simply wanted to continue, K. ran. “Then I lay there and cried,” said the woman in question. “Since then, I have been terrified every time I go to the Dörnbergpark. I don’t want to meet him again. He is violent.” “He and his colleagues testified that I threw myself to the ground.” And they received no response from the city of Regensburg.

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The city claims that the two women’s administrative complaint and criminal complaint ended “without result”. “The Kosovo constituency is committed to act if dogs are allowed to run freely in parks despite the ban,” a brief statement read.

Law enforcement officers take revenge under a pseudonym: the city of Regensburg responds

The case looks different with Google rankings. The city does not want to comment on personnel matters. However, her spokeswoman clarifies that personal data received by a law enforcement officer in the course of his duties “may not be passed on or used outside the scope of official business.” But that’s exactly what Martin K. did when he first examined the dentist and president of the installation company in question, and then – after both complained about its appearance – used their data to give their companies a bad rating. It now appears that this has had consequences.

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The city has not commented on this, but Martin K. Responds to a request from our editorial team. According to him, he recently stopped working in the city security service. He left it “of his own volition”. Meanwhile, fake Google ratings, as well as his self-confident image, disappeared from the Public Order Office. Looks like the times K. had a #allesimgriff are over for now. * / Bayern View from IPPEN.MEDIA