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“Laim and the Dead in the Carpet” today on ZDF: Plot, Cast, Locations & Reviews of the Crime Thriller

“Laim and the Dead in the Carpet” today on ZDF: Plot, Cast, Locations & Reviews of the Crime Thriller

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A new crime movie with Detective Lukas Laim is showing on ZDF today at 8:15 PM. In “Laim and the Dead in the Carpet,” the TV commissioner investigates the upscale right-wing scene in Munich.

The body of a veiled woman has been disposed of near a garbage bin like rubbish: in the fourth case, Munich TV Commissioner Lucas Lyme investigates a neo-Nazi scene in Munich. ZDF is showing the teaser “Lime and the Dead in the Rug” Monday evening (April 19, 2021) at 8:15 pm. A quick overview of all the information about the TV movie.

“Laim and the Dead in the Carpet” today on ZDF: What is a crime thriller story?

A dead body was found next to a garbage bin in Theresienwiese. The murdered woman appears to be a Syrian woman wrapped in a Persian carpet after her death. In addition, the police discovered an abandoned car stained with blood in the trunk of the car where the body was found.

The car drives inspectors Lukas Laim and Anton Simhandl to Hans Heinrich “Hinni” Feuer, who had previously called the burglary. The fencing coach claims that when he got to his apartment, he found the front door had been broken in. Additionally, his Persian carpet and car were stolen. The story seems implausible, but the fencing teacher has an argument and witnesses from respectable circles.

The viewer knows, however, that a fire broke out in his apartment himself. After police find a bloodstained bronze figure on the shelf, he even confesses to killing Lyme – but he’s sure the crime cannot be proven. After all, the men who confirm his argument for his absence are well-off and influential and seem to be part of the upscale Munich scene.

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“Laim and the Dead in the Carpet” (ZDF): Production, Sites and Actors

The film was filmed under Michael Schneider from January 28, 2020 – February 27, 2020 in and around Munich. Christoph Darnstadt wrote the script for the fourth crime movie with actor Max Simonchik as Inspector Lucas Lyme.

Function Actors and actresses
Lucas Lyme Max Simonchik
Anton Simhandel Gerhard Whitman
Hans Heinrich Latcher’s sign
Isabel Cerner Suitable for Fürst
Andreas Hermander Heinz Joseph Brown
Jero Wilbrand Daniel Christensen
Holger Eversfield Thomas Limpensel
Lutz Grendel Helmfried von Loteshau
Bernd Moers Peter Knack
Leila Harrani Shadi Hedayati

“Laim and the dead in the carpet” today on ZDF: Is It Worth Running?

“Lime and the dead in the rug” is already the fourth case of Munich TV Commissioner Lucas Lyme to be shown by ZDF. To date, the following crime novels have appeared in the series:

  • The Dead Without Argument (1st TV broadcast: April 30, 2012)
  • Lyme and the Signs of Death (TV premier: April 3, 2017)
  • Laim and the Last Guilty One (TV premier: May 18, 2020)
  • Laim and the Dead in the Carpet (TV premieres: April 19, 2021)

The most recent crime thriller to be shown in the series, “Laim and the Last Guilty”, had the highest crime stories “Laim” to date, with 5.94 million viewers and a 19.6% market share. But is it worth it to run tonight at 8:15 PM when ZDF shows Inspector Lukas Laim’s fourth case?

In a TV review titelbach.tv He does “Lyme and the Dead in the Rug” really well. “The story in itself is extraordinary, but the glory culminates in its execution, because Schneider and Zekgrave (director and cameraman, editor’s note) dare to do things rarely seen in TV productions,” he says. Also an editorial board Feature TV movie The crime movie ranks favorably. “Thrilling, sarcastic, demanding – and extremely fleeting” is the conclusion of the review, which, in addition to the challenging storyline, the action scenes were also highlighted as a hit. On the other hand, the verdict is more mixed prisma.de Outside. The plot was “exhilarating and cheerful, but also wild and a little confusing,” as stated there.

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“Lime and the Dead in the Rug” – broadcast on TV and broadcast in the ZDF Media Library

Tonight (April 19, 2021) ZDF will premiere the crime thriller “Laim and the Dead in the Carpet” at 8:15 pm. In addition, the fourth case of the Munich Television Commissioner could already be broadcast in the broadcaster’s media library. The film should be available there until April 11, 2020. The second and third stories about the “Lyme” crime are currently available online.