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LaFee – Back to the future

Who does not want to go back in time? With LaFee, this is now at least musically possible, with her new album whetting the appetite for ’80s songs – but completely reinterpreted.

“Back to the Future” with LaFee4 new songs and many more hits from the ’80s await lovers of good music on the artist’s enchanting new album. Together with successful producer Christian Geller, LaFee goes on a journey through time and takes with him the best songs of the 80s – in German, mind you. It starts right away with the title of the song “Back to the Future” where many song titles such as “Eye of a Tiger”, “Major Tom”, “Live is Life” or “Billie Jean” and “Rock Me Amadeus” from the 80s made the subject . A lively number for the next party to sing and dance with. With “(I am) a material girl” – originally sung by Madonna – she LaFee managed a great resume in GermanThis is unparalleled. With her magical voice, she transports the listener straight back to the ’80s and ’90s without sounding old-fashioned.

The best international hits in German and interpreted in a modern way!

Unforgettable and incomparable is Falco who succeeded inrock me amadeusTo beat the international charts. LaFee has now scored an exceptional duo, where the original sound of Falco, a masterpiece of art and music, can also be heard almost better than the original. “Time heals time” – aka “Time after Time” by Cyndi Lauper from 1983, is a great version made today and also sung so perfectly by LaFee, you’ll want to listen to it many times, by the way, it’s also perfect for all Discofox dancers. And with “Japan ist Weit”, as a translation of “Big in Japan” – which Alphaville hit the charts in 1984 – the ’80s memories journey continues, and you really feel like you’ve taken to all of the Back to the Future titles if you’ve already lived in the ’80s , then also with “Halt mich Festival” originally sung by a-ha, the successful Norwegian band in 1985, better known as “Take on me” — by the way, their first song ever to hit #1 on the internet billion streaming label. “Forever Young”, also an original title of Alphaville – “Forever Young” is well known to every ’80s ear, sung perfectly in German by LaFee and the production does not indicate that the song is actually 37 years old. “With Walkman and Recordings in the Past” is a line of script from “1985”, incorporating the feel of the ’80s, modern production and great dance potential. The cover of “When the Rain Falls on Us,” originally recorded by Lina Valaitis and Costa Cordales, and originally sung by Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora as “When It Starts Raining,” brings back memories of the best pop hits since.

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“Back to the Future” is an album for dancers and party tigers!

Samba time is all the rage in “La Isla Bonita”, 1986 hit by Madonna, IGerman translation by LaFee It is in no way inferior to the original, and the journey through time after 2021 was also very successful. The Australian band Real Life starred in 1983 with the song “Send Me an Angel”, which Thomas Anders interpreted early in his career in German as “Heisskalter Engel”, now imitated by LaFee with a great version, the version of which is already produced in a modern way and invites you to dance a disco fox and cough Including the current title “Neunlecht” or “I Want To Dance With Someone” – the song’s title says it all. LaFee’s German version of “I Want To Dance With Someone” doesn’t come close to Whitney Houston’s voice, but “I Want To Dance With Someone” is very well done, the title is always fun. Blondie’s song “Heart of Glass”, sung in German by Marianne Rosenberg 40 years ago, is perfectly inserted here and now on the new album with “Hertz Os Glass”. The dreamlike journey through time ends with LaFee and “Back to the Future” with a quieter title “Three Million Likes,” making an important topic of our time, that likes on social media are not important in life, but just to go your own way.

Lavi: Back to the Future – Conclusion

LaFee and successful producer Christian Geller created a masterpiece hereJust to get the rights to these many international songs, it must mean a lot of work and patience for both. LaFee’s interpretation of her soulful voice and modern production will not only inspire those who have already experienced the ’80s themselves, the younger generation will also enjoy the great work, whether at a party, while driving or simply getting out of everyday life and going on a trip back to the future that will delight every listener – guaranteed!

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