August 7, 2022


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Kubernetes container technology version 1.22 released

container technology. (Photo: Sasin Tipchai/Shutterstock)

Google Kubernetes is available in the new version 1.22. The version brings 56 improvements, many of which focus on security aspects. This is going well in the community.

With version 1.22, the Kubernetes team is already bringing it in Second update of this year. With 56 improvements, version 50 has surpassed the previous version and 43 from version 1.20 again. 16 of the improvements ultimately represent completely new features, and the rest are about changes to existing status and functionality. The salient features of Kubernetes 1.22 definitely include these:

Replace the security policy of the case
After abolishing the pod security policy with Kubernetes 1.21, version 1.22 introduces the access controller as an alternative. Partially based on previous technology.

container im Rootless-Modus
With version 1.22, the entire Kubernetes package can run in the user space. This means that root rights are no longer required, which is very useful for container security.

Seccomp becomes the standard
Seccomp adds an extra layer of security to Kubernetes. It was already possible before – now the feature is activated by default.

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Support node swap and Cgroupsv2
Through node exchange and Cgroupsv2, Kubernetes supports additional native Linux functionality that reduces the need for abstraction. This will speed up the workflow for developers, as well as speed up the performance of containers.

For veteran Kubernetes users, this time Important API changes Important. The team removed a number of features and flagged many of them as outdated.

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