May 17, 2022


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Knox – I want you

The title of Nockis’ new album “I Want You” says it all, because every fan would say exactly that if they only listened to the album for a short time. This album should not be missing from any hit group, because it is really successful and 100% Nockis.

On their 2022 anniversary, Nockis showed that even after 40 years they are still as good as they were at the beginning. The new album doesn’t just make committed people Nockis-Fans Great joy, and fans of songs and dancers will be very happy with the new work. Already the #1 song on the album, “I Want You” – which is also the album’s title – makes it clear that what comes next is the typical Nockis. You want to dance and sing from the first bar. The song is about the old love magic that is still there, just as it was many years ago. “Amore Vero” is a really hit song that disco DJs across the country should be adding to their playlists from now on. A beautiful musical declaration of love for true love, which is also great for you to dance to. The rumba or the slow fox will make you emotionally immersed in the song and you will start singing right away. With “Anna Lina” you’ll also want to stay on the dance floor, the song is about seven years of patient longing that finally turns into love and life begins together. At first, “Schach Matt” is reminiscent of disco dances from the 70s and is also a much faster number, which is unusual for Nockis. The song sings about the superiority of a woman over a man, because in the end a man cannot resist his wife or refuse her request.

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The theme of love runs through Nockis’ new album “I Want You”!

The “Can you” has Gottfried Wercher Co-written by myself, Discofox is advertised here, the script tells of a meeting in a group of men where they also talk about beautiful strange women and a question if she can read minds, she can also see that he loves her anyway. The title “Einen Himmel voll Sternen” comes with more percussion, and dancing and singing are also part of the program here. “My Message to You” is more quiet and romantic, the heartfelt message to your true love is the theme of the song, and by the way, it’s also nice to float on the dance floor together, and there’s a great guitar solo on top. With “Navalava Tsu Tsu” you think suddenly you are playing a musical in a popular cartoon in Africa, where a little lion plays the main role. But perhaps it is more about the memory of a crazy and exciting night of love.

Nockis’ new album will fill the dance floor!

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The typical fox is also “My Queen” and sings about that perfectly beautiful woman that everyone notices and adores. Gottfried Würcher wrote “Now or Never” with successful authors Gabi and Peter Wessely, and it’s a typical Nockis – easy to dance, sing and simply listen to. It’s about one very special kiss that ignites the fire of love and the night after. The song “Leave My Heart Into Your World” was produced as a party number, simple chorus and happy tunes to celebrate it. The last track from the album “On Off Aus Ein” also has a lot of bang for the buck and is perfect for rehearsing your party’s choreography. The song is about a love affair back and forth, about off and on.

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Knox: I want you – Conclusion

the new Nockis album “I want you” It is definitely a must for every Nockis and Schlager fan, as it has everything you would expect, party numbers, lovable songs and plenty of dance music. The lyrics are taken from real life and constantly deal with the most successful topic, love. Some of the songs are real hits and shouldn’t be missing from any DJ playlist because they will fill the dance floor in no time.

Author: SCHLAGERportal
Photo: Electrola/Simon Atesani