September 24, 2021


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Kleber Machado criticizes voting for Luann as a great player

While broadcasting Corinthians vs. The announcer stated that the Corinthians midfielder did not deserve to go into such an offer and praised the player’s stance for not disrupting the Corinthians environment while not having a good stage in the team.

“I understand the fans are often mad at a player. Sometimes we think it’s in a good mood, but sometimes it’s a little awkward. Sometimes it goes a little bit, I guess? Voting is free, everyone votes for whoever they think has to vote, but I I think Luan doesn’t deserve it. Anyway? Everyone has their own electoral conscience,” said Kleber Machado.

“The effort to improve is a part of Luanne’s and the player’s life, but theater isn’t always good.” Oh, but the theater hasn’t been good for a while. “He’s fighting, disrupting the environment, he’s in his house. It seems a little harsh to pick the guy in every game,” continued the narrator.

For commentator Caio Ribeiro, part of the votes bring something positive from the crowd: the desire to see the midfielder win new chances at Corinthians at a better stage for the club. Today, after four matches without even entering the field, Luan is back in the game.

“I don’t like this kind of persecution, but I’ve had many messages from Corinthians fans who say it’s part of the vote because they want Luann to get new opportunities, and who want to see him again now that Corinthians have developed collectively, they’re suggesting more of the game, They think Luan can be put to better use.”

“Whatever it is, whether it is praise or criticism, the change must come from the athlete, he has to feel uncomfortable being on the bench, he cannot be satisfied with the bench. He has more potential to play.”

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In the opinion of Casagrande, who was also on the broadcast, the sounds only reflect sarcasm on the part of Corinthians fans.

He concluded, “I really think it’s a paradox. It’s been happening all the time since then and no one ever said it was a protest. They only started talking about it last week. I really think it’s a paradox.”