May 19, 2022


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Kingdom Hearts 4: A must-have promo

The Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer sparks excitement and speculation. Source: Square Enix

Yesterday, Sunday, Square Enix released a new trailer to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the world-famous Kingdom Hearts series, which is making the hearts of many gamers beat faster. This is nothing less than a first look at Kingdom Hearts 4!

Of course, this title will also be an RPG, which sends you to a city called “Quadratum”. Special surprise: It looks like Kingdom Hearts will undergo a drastic change with Part 4 and will be more realistic than before. The new Unreal Engine 5 is used for this, which we’ll likely see more often in future AAA productions.

In addition to the various cinematic material, Square Enix uses a common method in the first trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 to seamlessly switch from the cinematic trailer to the gameplay scenes, so we can actually see the first animations here, which we can also experience in the game once KH4 comes out.

This is what Kingdom Hearts 4 is all about

Speaking of experiencing it for yourself: In Kingdom Hearts 4, we slip into the role of protagonist Sora, the hero who, of course, has to assert himself against dark and dangerous invaders and, among other things, encounter a giant monster seemingly composed of dark energy. The new Kingdom Hearts sequel is intended to be the beginning of a new story called “The Lost Master”.

In addition to Sora and popular Disney characters like Donald Duck and Goofy, who also made an appearance in the trailer, one brand-new mysterious character named “Strelitzia” will also celebrate his debut in the franchise. In addition to crossover content already created in collaboration with Disney, some fans are expecting another well-known crossover.

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at A scene from the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer, where a river bed incorporating rich vegetation is presented, a gigantic, indefinable metal object can be seen in the top right of the image, reminiscent of the giant AT-ST runner’s foot from Star Wars. Could this actually indicate that Lightsaber & Co products could also appear in the sequel? After all, Disney owns the rights to Star Wars. So the prognosis does not seem far-fetched.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Reveals Star Wars Trailer
Could this frame be a reference to the Star Wars crossover in Kingdom Hearts 4? Source: Square Enix / Disney

Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer – Franchise 20th Anniversary

“The heart lies in the soul, which, in turn, is led by fate to its rightful place.” It’s nice to look at Kingdom Hearts 4, which probably won’t be released in the very near future.

“The choice is yours again,” she says in front of the gorgeous photos. The choice will be yours again. The world in which we are part of Kingdom Hearts 4 is supposed to be full of life, but for the protagonist and the end of the game, it is seen as a “descendant”. What does that mean? wait.

In addition to this expectation, which does not tell us much about the content but is able to generate excitement, there were also other advertisements. In addition to Kingdom Hearts 4, other trailers related to the franchise were released as part of the franchise’s anniversary, which was duly celebrated over the weekend. This includes, for example, the mobile title Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, which is scheduled to have a closed beta in 2022. This video is a compilation of all the trailers: