May 30, 2024


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Kid Cody breaks his foot after jumping off the Coachella stage

Kid Cody breaks his foot after jumping off the Coachella stage

X/@joshieswrldd, TikTok/@staygroundead

Kid Cudi

Broken foot after jumping off the Coachella stage

Kid Cudi He cut short his Coachella set on Sunday… after breaking a bone by jumping off the stage.

Late in his performance on the Sahara Stage, the rapper was walking off the stage… and noticeably swaying back and forth. At one point, Kid Cudi forcefully jumped off the stage, struggling to get up.

KC found help when two security guards tried to help him out — but he was unable to finish the show.

It looks like Cody has caused some damage – as he told his fans on X that he broke his foot.

Cody He said“Hey guys, I broke my foot today on the show. 🤦🏾‍♂️ I just left the hospital. I've never broken a bone before, so this is all a little crazy. I want to thank you all for your concerns and well wishes!! I love yall man, I heard you were still angry when you were off stage, which made me grin.

Although Kid Cudi's set ended early, the crowd wasn't too far behind. Cody only had one and a half songs left in his set on Sunday.


The Coachella live streamer – which documented Kid Cudi's injury – proceeded to play a recording of his song “Pursuit of Happiness” to make up for his absence.

KC couldn't say goodbye to his fans… some of whom looked very confused.

TMZ Studios

This was Kid Cudi's first time back at Coachella since 2019… so it's disappointing.


It's been a tough weekend for musicians. Luke Bryan took a Hard fall on stage During the Coast City Country Festival in Vancouver. Unlike Cody, LB stayed unscathed from his fall… and even laughed about the whole thing!!!

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