December 2, 2023


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Kickstarter campaign “Apex Legends: Board Game” has met target amount. Campaign updates implemented

Kickstarter campaign “Apex Legends: Board Game” has met target amount. Campaign updates implemented

Glass Cannon is now Unplugged today (May 26, 2023),“Apex Legends: Board Game”The Kickstarter campaign succeeded in hitting the target amount far in excess of the initial schedule, and in responseCampaign updateAnnounced that it carried out the campaignto 0:00 on June 9, JST

This action is a battle royale game that can be divided into two teams of 2 to 4 people and played at the table. In addition to being able to play with up to 6 players, support for single play is also planned.

Updates can be bundled with miniatures, panels, rule books, etc. that can be purchased through the Pledge Managerstorage boxHowever, the all-in-pledge layer can get it for free and the new pledge layer“legendary package”has been added, etc. Please check details in the release below.

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The official Apex Legends board game increases funding, adds exclusive items, new pledge options, and a massive campaign update
The Unplugged Glass Cannon makes significant changes following fan feedback

Glass Cannon Unplugged has announced a major update to its Apex Legends: Board Game Kickstarter campaign after surpassing its original goal and reaching funding in just seven hours. We are also planning a Japanese version of this project.

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▼ Kickstarter page “Apex Legends: Board Game”

▼ Announcement video for “Apex Legends: Board Game”

We understand the importance of everyone’s favorite experiences and characters getting what they deserve on the table top, and with Apex LegendsTMWe’ve listened to community feedback and implemented this change.

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This update adds several new pledge options to help power this one-of-a-kind project, giving backers more flexibility to earn more Legendary Miniatures.

The Kickstarter exclusive Displate Sticker (available as an additional pledge or a standalone pledge) and a Legendary Storage Chest (free with all Impledge) are also new additions for fans to join the campaign now and don’t miss out on Checkout!

Watch the opening ceremony for the limited edition Displate poster by Glass Cannon Unplugged CEO Jakub Wiśniewski here.

Campaign updates include:

● In collaboration with Displate, Tomasz “Morano” Jędruszek will provide for Kickstarter one-of-a-kind original work representing three iconic game legends.
● 3 new pledge levels with 6 player support and Legendary miniatures plus Lifeline and Pathfinder.
● LEGENDARY STORAGE BOX: Miniatures, paintings, rule books, etc. can be neatly organized in a sophisticated black-based design. Available for purchase in Pledge Manager, but a FREE addition to the All-In Pledge class!
● New pledge class “Legendary Package”. Subscribe to this bundle and get 6 “Solo All-in” packs and countless more exclusive content.
● Include a new legend who completes her diorama when she reaches 1 million euros.

Apex Legends: The Board Game brings the smash hero shooter to the tabletop with a variety of guns and characters, intense gunfights, and intense stardom before the heroes win or lose. Dice rolls and cards are the keys to becoming a legend.

The “Apex Legends: Board Game” Kickstarter campaign runs until 0:00 on Friday, June 9, JST. If you would like to support this project, please visit the Kickstarter page. Backers will be among the first to receive the actual game at launch, along with the features we’ve already talked about.

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