March 29, 2023


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Kanye West to buy Parler, join Crowd of Right-Wing Social Media

Kanye West to buy Parler, join Crowd of Right-Wing Social Media

Earlier this month, Ye disrupted his YZY show at Paris Fashion Week by wearing a T-shirt with the words on it. “Egg lives matter”, phrase that Anti-Defamation League Called hate speech. He is pictured on the show alongside Candice Owens, a conservative commentator who wears a similar shirt and is married to Mr. Farmer.

Mrs. Owens, whose Twitter account was Temporarily suspended in 2020 Across the pandemic-related posts whose Facebook posts were sometimes marked with fact-checking tags, she publicly expressed support for Ye. This month, she tweeted, “You’re my girlfriend.” In April, she tweeted that she loves the way he thinks.

Last week, Yi posed for red carpet photos with Ms. Owens at the Nashville premiere of “The Greatest Lie Ever: George Floyd and the Rise of the BLM.” Mr Floyd has died in police custody, sparking protests around the world, the Black Lives Matter movement used the unrest to raise millions of dollars. Ms Owens denounced the movement and called Mr Floyd a “horrific human being”.

After Ye wore the “White Lives Matter” T-shirt, adidas said it was reviewing its partnership with him. Last month, Yeezy Gap notified via letter that he was ending their partnership that includes Yeezy Gap’s clothing line. Citing a breach of contract, Yi said he is pressing ahead with his plans to open his own stores. Gap brand head, Mark Brittbard, wrote in a note to employees that Gap and Ye were not “aligned” on how to work together to deliver their shared vision.

“My single shirt caught everyone’s attention,” Ye wrote on Instagram after the fashion show, but much of the reaction was negative. Sean Combs, rapper known as Diddy, Post a video On the podium he criticizes the situation, saying “it’s no joke” and urging his fans not to wear the shirt or buy it.

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In early October, Yi suggested on Instagram that the Jews control Mr. Combs. Instagram removed the posts and restricted his account; Meta, which owns Instagram, said it places restrictions on accounts that frequently break its rules.

Days later, returning to Twitter after an absence of nearly two years, Yi said in a series of posts that he was going to “Death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE,” an apparent reference to the state of the United States’ defense readiness, known as DEFCON. He also wrote: “You have manipulated me and tried to keep away from anyone who opposes your agenda.”