June 28, 2022


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Jump action movie "JETMAN" will be released on July 14.  With a simple one-button operation, you can easily "jump and slash" - automatically

Jump action movie “JETMAN” will be released on July 14. With a simple one-button operation, you can easily “jump and slash” – automatically

Local developer Montblanc Hatch announced on June 3 that the “jumping action”Getman]will be released on July 14. Supported platforms are PC / Steam / Nintendo Switch.

“JETMAN” is an action game where you defeat an enemy with a jumping attack. The main character in this work is a semi-automatic jet aircraft created by Dr. Ark. He braved the battle to thwart the ambitions of the evil Biolets organization. This action is operated with a single button and there is no movement of keys or sticks. You can jump instead, and you can change the height of the jump with the length of pressing the button/switch. Jump towards the enemy floating in the air and defeat him by cutting him.

Since the enemy position is different for each battle wave, you will continue to capture while you consider how high you can jump to defeat the enemy efficiently. It is not enough to blindly repeat large jumps, and the aircraft can make a particularly powerful inclined jump at the top of the jump. In order to hit the most powerful attack, it is necessary to adjust the jump so that the top of the jump is exactly at the height of the enemy.

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The countdown is displayed next to the enemy, and when it reaches zero, the enemy attack hits the plane. Since there are no commands like avoid, the secret of the strategy is basically “do it before you do it”. As you progress through the stage, enemies will appear that move left and right and are difficult to shoot at, and enemies that move up and down and whose height is difficult to adjust. Let’s take a leap that can be defeated efficiently while understanding the characteristics of each of the 50 types of enemies.

When you defeat an enemy, Jet can get JP (Junk Point). Between stages, it is possible to strengthen the aircraft with a consumption of JP. It is up to the player to grow by swinging to attack to increase the amount of damage, swinging to defend to get an automatic shield that can block enemy attacks, or increasing HP. In addition, the aircraft can be equipped with up to four chipsets that improve its capabilities. Chips may be available as a clear reward after defeating the boss.

“JETMAN” was developed by local developer Montblanc Hatch. In developing this work, he appears to have spent a year and a half working as a solo artist. He said he produced “Gitman” as “a low-calorie game aimed at ‘just right’ with simple one-button operation and moderate depth”. In addition, this work is also said to have a custom mode that you can turn on after scanning the main part.

“JETMAN” will be released on July 14th on PC (steam) / It will be released for the Nintendo Switch.

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