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John’s voice criticizes superficial reviews

John’s voice criticizes superficial reviews

There was one on the Reddit discussion platform marking the “Days Gone” PC release. Question and answer session with Sam WitwerVoice Actor of Deacon St. John. There he made some interesting statements, which of course we do not want to be withheld from you.

At the time, the open dark world adventure had to come under a lot of criticism, for which the many mistakes were mainly responsible. But opinions also differ with the story and gameplay of the game, which we found again with the PC version available now.

The voice actor was asked what he thought of the game reviews in general. Firstly, confirm that everyone can have their say on the game and don’t want to discuss it. He then described his personal point of view and voiced severe criticism of a particularly superficial review.

“Well, I read today’s review from a website that will remain anonymous. The crowd mechanics, the game’s eye-catching heart, was not mentioned once. Not once. There were other clues, but it was pretty clear that this reviewer had played the game for several hours then He wrote his review. He did not complete it, “the voice actor criticized.

In the next paragraph he criticized the general way in which game testers operate today: “These journalists who rush to it … do not take time, they do not play the game under the conditions dictated by the game because it is their job, an article to produce it under time pressure.”

Days Gone only unfolds as the story progresses

He then explains that “Days Gone” was designed from the start so that the plot builds up slowly. The critical plot points and the best gameplay sections come relatively late in the game. It is therefore not surprising that the game testers’ reckless modus operandi led to insufficient reviews.

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Ultimately, this approach is “misleading to the actual audience” who would like to read a detailed review. In fact, in some cases, game testers only have a few days to complete their report. Logically, under time pressure, the game cannot be tested carefully as it was actually intended.

Days Gone was released exclusively for PS4 on April 26, 2019, and it’s also available for PC since last Tuesday.


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