September 27, 2023


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Portraitfoto Oliver Sim

John Legend, Oliver Sim, Jonathan Jeremiah…

We listened to the week’s new music. Here is our list of new recommendations. They are joined by John Legend and Oliver Syme.

It’s Friday, and that means: Finally new albums! Whether it’s the top or the flop, kulturnews tells you what new releases you shouldn’t miss this week and why…

“As Above, So Below” Great Samba

Their African heritage has always been a cornerstone of their music, but on their second album, Sampa The Great brings that heritage to the fore. Read our detailed review here.

“As above, so below” in bandcamp to buy

“When the Lights Go On” by the Giant Extinct Dinosaurs

The audio bandwidth is huge, but TEED doesn’t get lost in the little things. It doesn’t matter if it’s hard ’80s waves (“Crosswalk”), classic piano instruments (“I Never See You Dance”) or synthpop songs (“The Sleeper”). You can see what the entire album looks like here.

“When the lights go on” in Amazon to buy

“No Sleep in Los Angeles” by Black Wave.

At its core, hip-hop will likely always remain an American genre; So you can’t blame European business for drawing inspiration from across the Atlantic. Belgian duo Black Wave. He even traveled there for three weeks on his second LP. You can read here if it helps.

“No Sleep in LA” at floors to buy

Abominable by Oliver Sim

Going alone, Oliver Sim from The xx dares to engage in a ruthless self-reflection. But at least he has a guardian angel by his side. He revealed to us in an interview who he is.

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“Bastard Villain” in Amazon to buy

Horse for the Streets – Jonathan Jeremiah

Despite his retro spirit, Jonathan Jeremiah establishes himself as an artist in the present day through “Horsepower for the Streets”. However, in an interview, Jeremiah says that he does not see his songs on TikTok.

horse for street Amazon to buy

“Legend” by John Legend

For the first time, John Legend uses his last name in the album title. “I had to earn that, to live up to it by giving performance and music,” the pop singer jokes.

“Legend” in Amazon to buy

The natural brown prom queen from the Sudan archives

The Sudan Archives dedicates her new album to her homeland, specifically Los Angeles (her adoptive home) and Ohio, where Britney Dennis Parks was born, raised and says she rebelled hard by sneaking into Cincinnati nightclubs.

Natural Brown Prom Queen in Amazon to buy

I love you Jennifer B from Jockstrap

Jockstrap member Taylor Sky told us in an interview about the album I Love You Jennifer B.

“I love you Jennifer B” in Amazon to buy

“Spirituals” by Santigold

There’s a good reason the future pop queen Santigold is releasing a relaxing tea alongside her new album, “Spirituals.” You can find out why this is here.

“Spirituality” in Amazon to buy