December 4, 2022


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Job advertisements are generating new rumors about its machine learning-assisted upscaling technology

From Maurice Ribling
New rumors are circulating on the Internet about the possibility of developing a proprietary Microsoft technology, which is supported by machine learning. The reason for this is new job ads.

Microsoft’s proprietary machine learning-assisted upgrade technology has been running around the rumor mill since last year, giving developers another alternative to choose from, apart from AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution, Epic Games’ TSR in Unreal Engine 5, and Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling that eventually uses the DirectML Application Programming.

After being quiet about such speculations for some time, new people leave vacancies This is flaring up a bit again. Microsoft is looking for new and experienced software developers who not only have many years of experience in software development themselves, but who also deal closely with machine learning or data science topics and, ideally, also have deep knowledge in computer graphics.

Ultimately, their job should be to implement appropriate machine learning algorithms and develop software for future devices in close collaboration with Microsoft partners. The end result that Microsoft wants will remain open for the time being.

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Microsoft recently announced FidelityFX Super Resolution for its Xbox consoles. AMD’s FSR will not only find its way to existing Xbox Series S and Series X consoles, but will also be available on Xbox One consoles. It is not necessarily predictable how widespread FSR will eventually be in games, because unlike DLSS, developers are responsible for implementation.

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