January 25, 2022


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JJ Anderson – When in Santa Maria

17 new songs by JJ Anderson whet your appetite for the next hit. The new album was a huge hit from start to finish, including new tracks by GG Anderson, cover versions, and plenty of dance music.

The album will be opened by “Manana”, a beautiful dance song telling the fact that everything will be different again anyway tomorrow – Manana in Spanish – love will pass too and tomorrow everything from today will be history. The album’s title song “Wenn in Santa Maria” allows the listener to stay on the dance floor and tells of a beautiful night on cloud 9. The third title says, “Nobody imitates us,” because we are the best and always lead the way. It continues in Discofox’s voice with “Just Like You,” a song that describes how incredibly sweet love is, how receptive it is and how sensual it is. “Gina” is a song about a love long past, about a very special summer full of adventures, do you still think about it today? The next song “I Never Left Your Heart” was written by J.J. Anderson himself, among other things. In it, he sings about the great love that never let his heart go.

Even titles that don’t come from J.J. Anderson’s pen fit the album well!

The original of the following track is “Tu Sei L’Unica Donna Per Me” by Alan Sorrenti from 1979, in the German version “All I Need Is You”, now also covered by GG Anderson, musically in that relay today and put your personal stamp on the song. “I will give you heaven” also invites you to dance and is a declaration of love for your loved one, the main thing is that she is with him and that love does not give a chance. The next song on GG Anderson’s new album – “Freckles” – makes every happy dancing bear, lyrical also about love and sweet moments together and stomach twitching. Other songs written by JJ Anderson are song #10 and 11 – “Sometimes” the heart just goes crazy and sometimes she does a somersault because she’s with him again and “Summer rainy night”, even in the dark you can see rainbows and summer rain can’t affect me Good mood, love is stronger. “Saint-Tropez and the Hot Nights” tells of this spirited summer night under the starry sky. In “Swap Friendship for Love” and “If You Need Me,” J.J. Anderson’s handwriting is instantly recognizable, both beautiful numbers. The first describes the feeling when friendship turns into love and the second song is a bit quieter and means you’re always there for each other, which is far from the album’s musical range. “Race Against Time” calls out again on the dance floor and sings about trying not to lose love. The penultimate song on the album “Max der Baum” is musically quieter than the others, very dreamy and tells the story of the tree that has stood in the garden for a lifetime and has always been there, even when it was first kissed It still bears today the heart carved in the wood at that time. As the epilogue and number 17 of the very comprehensive album, there’s “Ich would es ich wieder,” a song you can sing along to, the lyrics of which are about the good times of yesteryear, about an old love.


JJ Anderson: When in Santa Maria – Conclusion

The new album isn’t just a job for everyone JJ Anderson fansEvery DJ and DJ should be in their group. The songs are totally danceable especially a cool character like disco fox on the dance floors. Even if not all of the tracks were written by GG Anderson himself, the album sounds very original overall and is a lot of fun to listen to.

Author: SCHLAGERportal.com
Photo: Telamo/Manfred Esser