May 31, 2023


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Jensh’s Impact will be updated to version 1.4 on March 17th

Mayhoyo, the developer and publisher of interactive entertainment worldwide today, has confirmed that Jensh’s Impact Version 1.4 “Windowflower Invitation” will be available on March 17, 2021 with backward compatibility on PC, Android, iOS and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. As the hot spring winds move slowly across the country and carry the dandelion, all players of Adventure Level 20 who have completed the archetypal mission of “The Dragon and the Song of Freedom” are invited to Montstadt’s annual celebration of love and freedom.

As a free-to-play game, Kenshi’s Impact takes players to the breathtaking scenery of Divat, where the seven gods rule the seven elements. Players slip into the role of a mysterious “traveler” searching for answers in order to find lost relatives and uncover the last secrets hidden in this world. As a player you can explore two of the seven major cities in the deity, namely Moon City and Liu. Each city has a unique cultural environment, its own backgrounds and interesting surroundings. All kinds of creatures, enemies, puzzles, hidden treasures are everywhere. It will be followed by more cities, stories, characters and seasonal commercials!

Some say that the “wind flower festival” is actually celebrated to commemorate the day the ancient lunar city was liberated 2,600 years ago. But for most of the people who live in the lunar city these days, the air flower festival has become a celebration of romance and outdoor activities. Arto Favonius and the Adventures Guild have prepared a number of mini-games and challenges for the festival. Players can play alone or with friends. In addition, “Balloon Commemorating the Air Flower Festival” and “Landscape Lair” and the brand new 4 star weapon “Wind Flower Note” that will appear exclusively at the festival will be available for exchange. Lastly, not least, travelers will have the opportunity to receive invitations from Barbara, Noel, Bennett and Songyun and experience a story with many possible consequences for each character.

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In version 1.4 release, additional references to the order of Abyss and the lost relatives will appear. If travelers continue to investigate with the Dainsleaf, the “Branch Guardian”, they will encounter a new adversary, the “Abyssal Messenger”, and discover the secret behind the world’s first ruins guard in the ruins of Dowell.

Rosaria, “Thorn Grace” will be available as the new 4-star character for the first time. As a religious sister from the cathedral, Rosaria performed at Dragon Ridge two months ago. She is very good at dealing with poles and cryogenic power. In addition, she can teleport behind to attack enemies. If she stimulates her special ability, she can first attack her enemies with a powerful blow with high cryo-damage, while continuing to inflict partial damage to enemies in that area.

Additionally, there are more updates to version 1.4 to enhance the passenger gaming experience. In version 1.4, players can hold up to 5 pieces of “concentrated resin”. In addition, players can downgrade globally to better adapt the game to the needs of single player or multiplayer modes.

Jenshin Impact is now available and free to download to play. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players are available for PC users from the PlayStation Store, Google Play, Android users, iOS users from the App Store, and PC users from the official Zen’s attack site ( Jenshine’s impact rating was rated ESRP on PlayStation 4, PC and Google Play as 12+ on iOS. For more information and news, visit our official site or follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag TwitterGenshinImpact.

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