September 22, 2023


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Jennifer Lawrence has a huge fear of a certain type of actor – Deadline

Jennifer Lawrence has a huge fear of a certain type of actor – Deadline

With some people, it’s ghosts. Others, dogs. Then there are fears of heights, clowns, or dolls.

Jennifer Lawrence has different concerns: the way the actors.

Lawrence came clean during the “Hot Ones” YouTube series that she would be “nervous” to work with a Methodist actor.

“I would be afraid to work with someone on the way because I would have no idea how to talk to them. Like, do I have to be personal?” said Lawrence. “That would make me nervous. But I haven’t seen any other process that I would be curious about, because you don’t really know about it all the time.”

Lawrence actually worked with a Methodist actor when she teamed up with Christian Bale on David O. Russell’s American extortion. She tried the technique herself at that party.

“I was always on/off, on/off until I did ‘American Hustle’ when I worked with Chrisitan Bale and I noticed when the camera started rolling and the crew kind of started prepping like it was 10 seconds or whatever even work,” Lawrence recalled. Then I saw it and I said, ‘That sounds like a really good idea.’ And then I started doing it.”

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