September 26, 2023


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The supernova is visible in the Webb images as a small bright dot on the right of the big bright spot on the left.

James Webb Space Telescope discovers a surprising supernova

The James Webb Space Telescope surprised scientists when it unexpectedly detected the first supernova, the explosion of a dying star. Scientists say the discovery could open up an entirely new area of ​​research possibilities.

A few days after the start of its scientific operations, the James Webb Space TelescopeNIRCam’s NIRCam has spotted an unexpected bright object in a file galaxy It is called SDSS.J141930.11 + 5251593, about 3 to 4 billion light years From a land. The luminal body darkened over a five-day period, suggesting that it is possible that a Supernova, was caught by sheer luck shortly after the star exploded. (The astronomers compared the new observations to data archived from Hubble Space Telescope To confirm that the light was new.)