December 7, 2023


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Jack Harlow: Come Home The Kids Miss You album review

Jack Harlow: Come Home The Kids Miss You album review

Jack Harlow He is a charming 24-year-old, tall and increasingly chiseled, with a mop of curly hair, impossibly tame and complemented by a youthful beard, sharp blue eyes, a shy smile, and a diamond earring on each lobe. Like any kind-hearted person, he loves antics – he eager to flirt With The woman he just met and say, I love youor simply act like an idiot in public. his second album, Come home the kids miss you, reveals that the art of appearing is just a distraction from some empty, fancy music. Harlow’s charisma doesn’t translate to musical scores, instead we’re left with a one-trick pony with no noticeable bluff, a competent rapper who doesn’t elaborately flow or write impressively, and a pop star who struggles to carry a song that belongs to him.

Harlow’s origin story is repeated often: at the age of twelve, he He decided he wanted to be a rapper He got to work, practice, record and sell CDs at school. By the age of nineteen, he made “The Dark Knight,” the song that launched a bidding war for his talents, and in the end, Landed him a deal With the once-promising Atlantic footprint of a generation now. Only about two years later, he made his first good song and was a real hit, “What is bobbinThen after the release His first studio albumHarlow’s noise machine entered hyperdrive with “baby industry,” The Lil Nas X Solo where Harlow proudly performed the role of the straight guy in the gay music video. Next to Lil Nas X, Harlow delivered one of the best verses of his career, too, his center-back style is a fitting complement to his co-star’s looser cast.

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Stripped of proper metallic paper, however, Harlow’s bravado is muted. Despite an air of pomp, the lead single “Nail Tech” is weak, in large part due to its gentle rhythm and Harlow’s hesitating vocals. He’s too casual for the song, as if he’s afraid to stray from his tried-and-true path to something more expressive. In the video songfor example, standing tall at the top of a tank holding three dogs, like him DMX, singing, “You’re not my dog, why are you chasing after us?” winking, mocking, and mocking his hand as he breathed,dog,” but any implied aggression or magnetism on the recorded track is lost.

Harlow’s ability to rap well somehow acts as a hindrance to his ability to compose good songs. He doesn’t have an identifiable trait or sign that he can be sarcastic, preferring to keep things tidy and also making terrible hints. (The worst might be “I can’t lie, I’m in Angus Cloud 9” because “You know I like to dictate things, Kim Jong” is so stupid that it must be a joke.) His direct approach is similar to those of their southern comrades Megan Thee Stallion And dababythe kind of “bars first but also pop” rappers who probably wouldn’t have stood out on the commercial scene in the 2000s, but there are anomalies in Day and age of feelings. However, unlike them, Harlow does not make bright songs Come home the kids miss you. The album consists, for the most part, of a monochromatic palette of generic “smooth” beats, one bleed into the next. Musically, it is unrealistic, lacking in outstanding melodies or exciting rhythms. the voice of Come home the kids miss youin turn, is as complex and enjoyable as Daniel Arsham sculptureElegant at a glance, yet quick to question at any lengthy questioning.

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