November 29, 2022


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Ivan Repušić - Pärt review: Stabat Mater

Ivan Repušić – Pärt review: Stabat Mater

The woolly simplicity of Arvo Pärt demands flexibility, sensitivity and a sense of style. Ivan Rebosic manages this very well thanks to his strengths in Munich.

His music is very unpretentious, fueled by mysticism: Arvo Pärt has always practiced suggestive simplicity and artistic modesty. In light of the critical state of our Earth, this approach of withdrawal is the topic of the hour anyway. The Bavarian Radio Choir is one of the fans of Pärt. With Münchner Rundfunkorchester and its head Ivan Repuši, Pärt’s Stabat mater became the fourth album with the composer’s work. The sounds of the choir are very quiet, as if they came straight from a medieval monastery. The strings actually seemed to be floating from the sky here. All forces are perfectly elegant in today’s music, which stands between the times. They have an unmistakable sense of atmosphere, nuance, and subtle drama. This also applies to the orchestral pieces in this instantly captivating and attractive production.

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Ivan Rebosic

Ivan Rebosic

Part: Stabat Mater, Phratris; Sloane’s song, La Sindone ua

Bavarian Radio Choir, Munich Radio Philharmonic, Ivan Rebosic (conductor)
BR Classic

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