April 15, 2024


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It turns out that Google is banning Android smartphones from RCS chat – GIGAZINE

It turns out that Google is banning Android smartphones from RCS chat – GIGAZINE

Android smartphones are equipped with a messaging standard that includes features such as sharing high-resolution photos, reading notifications, and end-to-end encryption.Rich Communications Service (RCS)“, and starting in 2024, iPhones will also become RCS.MessagingI've decided to do it. It has been discovered that Google is blocking Android smartphones that have been rooted to gain admin privileges from RCS.

Google Messages Prevent Rooted Android Users from Using RCS – The Verge

It was discovered that Google was restricting RCS on rooted devices in November 2023, when a user posted on social news site Reddit's bulletin board, “Suddenly I couldn't send RCS messages.”booksThis was him.

You can see how chat in RCS is actually blocked in the movie below.

ATTENTION: Users have reported that the Google Messages app will not let them send or receive RCS messages if the OS is rooted or not GMS certified (like most custom ROMs).

It appears that Google Messages has implemented Play Integrity API certificate checks, so be aware… pic.twitter.com/IwEKJQ0Z2v

– Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman)

First, send a test message.

Then it seemed as if a message had been sent.

However, the next moment the message she sent disappeared. I've tried sending several messages since then, but they all have the same result.

Similar issues have been posted on several Google Messages support pages and forums, and all cases occurred on rooted devices.

In response to media inquiries about whether rooted devices are blocked from using RCS, Google Communications Director Ivy Hunt said: “To prevent spam and abuse on Google Messages, we block RCS on devices sending messages.” We We are verifying that they are following the operational practices set by the RCS standard,” he said, confirming that they are blocking the site.

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Although RCS is a standard with enhanced security, it faces issues such as spam, and Google was forced to stop providing RCS in India in 2022.

Google turns off RCS functionality for 'Messages' entirely in India only – GIGAZINE

Likewise, due to security concerns, payment apps like Google Pay and Google Wallet stop working if they detect that the device is rooted, which often happens with unsupported devices. A warning message will be displayed indicating that this is the case. However, there are no reports of such a warning message being displayed with this RCS block.

In addition, RCS blocks detect fraud based on integrity judgment results.Fair Play APIThe Reddit user who originally posted the ban issue reported that he was able to fix the issue by bypassing the Play Integrity API.

“Google offers a number of solution sets to help Android users communicate well, so that devices that can't access one communication protocol always have another available,” Hunt said. In this case, users who cannot use RCS will be able to use the RCS protocol. Be able to access SMS and MMS.”

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