November 27, 2021


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It Takes Two, the duo game is on sale this Black Friday Week (-50%) – Bon . plan

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Exclusive game idea in barn It might sound silly, yet Hazel You have already proven otherwise Director. in a take twoThe studio always highlights the benefits of collaborating, locally or online, to deliver a fun, fun and creative experience.

While May and Cody, who have been married for (very) many years, are spearheading the divorce, their ten-year-old daughter Rose is not of the same opinion. A touch of magic and a few tears afterward, Rose’s parents find themselves enshrouded in tiny, like-minded dolls, lovingly made by their daughter. This is how their epic quest begins, allowing the couple to reconcile and mend a conflicting relationship.

Everything about her takes two

Then we find ourselves in one match at a time Curriculum And puzzle– A game where cooperation highlights. Moreover, cooperation is essential to solve different puzzles, especially like game designers She was particularly creative in the show 3D platformAnd 2 d, The shoot, from Courses And you hack’n’slash. Consistent with what is expected, take two It offers a rich and fun video game experience, in a colorful world where success lies in cohesion.

If you haven’t had a chance to play It Takes Two yet, it would be a shame to miss this excellent game that will be perfect to test your relationship or friendship. The game is available at PS4 And X-BoxCurrently for sale at €19.99 On Amazon, Fnac, and Micromania. Please note that the play partner is not included!