February 6, 2023


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IT location in Tyrol: Accenture turns Innsbruck into a center of technological competence

With Accenture taking over the public data center (ARZ), Innsbruck and Tyrol should develop into a leading IT position in Europe. But politics is also required. It requires skilled workers and training.

Innsbruck. explains Governor Anton Mattel, who is responsible for outsourcing Hypo shares in the data center. In 2022, ARZ shareholders decide to acquire Accenture, a leading international technology and consulting company, with 738,000 employees advising clients in more than 120 countries in the areas of digitalization, cloud and security. Hypo Tirol and Volksbankengruppe sold their stakes in the data center to Accenture. 8 million cash transactions are processed through the data center servers each day. Accenture will also take care of protecting highly sensitive data in the future.

Many jobs will be created

“We will create a comprehensive technological competency center for our customers in Austria and all of Europe at the Innsbruck site. With 400 highly qualified experts, the ARZ team has the experience to jointly lay the foundation for the banking of the future” Made in Austria, explains Michael Zettel, Accenture Country Managing Director in Austria. IT application Avanade is also coming to Innsbruck with Accenture. Country Director Christian Knoll draws attention to the diverse job prospects in the IT sector: “With flexible working models, employees can drive digital transformation in Austria, Europe and the world.” The location of Innsbruck is also excellent because of the livable environment. Therefore, Accenture and Avanade invite people in Tyrol to benefit from international expertise and they also openly address people who have had Swarovski circumcised in the past.

Make the right move

The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Hypo Tirol sees an acquisition as the right move: ‚ÄúSometimes you have to give that up so more can be created – so it’s strategically correct to make the move to Accenture. The site benefits from the combined expertise of ARZ and the Accenture umbrella itself, so all customers of Accenture can Banks face the complex challenges of cybersecurity in the long term.

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