February 8, 2023


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It is always a sign of freedom – Letters to the Editor

On “The Iconic’s Incredible Triumph,” by Bettina Schulte (Kultur, Dec. 20)

Is this choice of words appropriate to the cross? At the end of her review of Katrin Müller’s Symbolic History of the Cross, Bettina Schulte enters into the debate on the cross at the Humboldt/Schloss Forum in Berlin. As a sign of Christian self-aggrandizement, the cross should be removed. Bettina Schulte writes, “Down with that cross.” The choice of words really touched me and made me sad. This opinion could have been expressed more appreciatively. It cannot be denied that terrible crimes were also committed in the name of the cross and that Jesus’ claim to the truth was politically abused. But from the duty of love for one’s neighbour, the cross is always a sign of freedom, an affirmation of that which unites and therefore of tolerance; Bettina Schulte also quotes a similar statement from Kathryn Mueller’s book.

The Humboldt Forum / Schloss combines tradition with its current mission of providing information about world cultures. The cross at the Humboldt Forum is certainly associated with the “self-aggrandizement” of the Prussian kings, but it is also a commitment to love God and neighbor. This commitment must also be possible in a building that today has the mission of showing diversity.

Thomas Sales, Freiburg

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