October 1, 2022


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Is Netflix moving to cloud gaming?

Netflix is ​​currently investing heavily in Netflix Gaming and constantly releases new games for Android and iOS. This is free if you have a Netflix subscription. It’s kind of an “added value,” but Netflix probably has much bigger plans for it after all.

Netflix could plan a cloud gaming service

annoying protocol There is a growing search for employees who have experience with cloud gaming. It fits with Netflix’s business model, because you know how it works with series and movies – games are also entertainment.


You can also use your existing portfolio to find out what your users like and then develop games in a targeted manner. This was done in a similar way with series, because Netflix originals were created based on purchased content.

Cloud gaming via the app on TV is no longer a rarity, as providers like Google or Microsoft already offer it. If it fits Netflix, I can also imagine it. However, this is very expensive and not easy to implement.

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