August 9, 2022


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IPv6: Leaderboards Aren’t Big Tech Countries

Switching to IPv6 is likely to be a bit of a mystery to many users. I’ve hardly heard anything about it lately, but there has been very good progress. However, at the fore are countries that you don’t think of first.

Migrating to the new version of the Internet Protocol is a project that took many years to complete. And many users in this country have been working with IPv6 for a long time, but they rarely notice it. Because in the home network and in most home connections, the old IPv4 addresses are still mainly used.

So far, according to the latest data, IPv6 Statistics Google Only three countries worldwide where more than half of all connections are already handled via IPv6. India ranks first with 61.3 percent. Otherwise, only Malaysia and French Guiana are above the 50 percent mark.
IPv6 sharing around the world

Big differences

On the other hand, countries that like to present themselves as technologically progressive nations are all less than half. The United States, the home of the Internet, comes in at sixth place with 47.33 percent, for example, and given the many reviews due to poorly advanced digitization, Germany still does well with 47.06 percent and eighth at the end. Great Britain, which is comparable in many respects, only comes in at 32.76 percent.

The conversion to IPv6 is driven mainly because the addresses in the old IPv4 range have run out. For a long time now, many Internet users are not connected to the network with their IP address. Instead, they provide the provider with NAT architectures, which means that the end machine in question can no longer be accessed directly. On the other hand, IPv6 has a large enough address space to provide all devices connected to the network with their own identifiers without any problems and to keep a massive reserve on hand. There are also advantages in terms of security and communication performance.

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Internet, stock images, ipv6, ip, ip address
Internet, stock images, ipv6, ip, ip address