October 21, 2021


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IPhone 13 connects with Apple Watch and iPod!

IPhone 13 connects with Apple Watch and iPod!

Apple bets everything on the iPhone 13 and makes a different move by pairing it with the Apple Watch and IPod. In fact, if one device has the best of many devices, it is a guarantee that things will work out right. So let’s see how this addition works.

How does this combination of the iPhone 13 with the Apple Watch and the iPad work?

Well, right from the bat it was revealed today Bloomberg journalist The iPhone 13 will be available on the Apple Watch and will come with always running mode.

IPhone 13 Apple Watch

Also, it wants to integrate high renewal rate. In fact, I have wanted to do this since last year. The problem is, it had a huge impact on the battery, and the idea of ​​such a thing was dropped. This should happen this year too as Apple will be betting on a type of LTPO screen for this purpose created by Samsung. In practice, it is available as is IPod Pro Promotion does with technology.

LDBO screens can be adjusted to vary the update rate depending on the content that is most optimal for the battery. This is what will help that process. As always Available on iPhone. You can recreate things on the panel without making a big impact on the board Drums. Basically, it is already present in many high-end smartphones Android Apple’s implementation should not be different.

IPhone 13 Apple Watch

Apple’s approach shows hours and battery status and eventually received notifications.

For the rest, the new information confirms what we already know. The iPhone 13 comes with a chip A15 Bionic, A small Unibro, video recording capability and longer battery life upgrades. The autonomy area is very important. This is usually a problem with iPhones.

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Meanwhile the iPhone 13 is coming in September.